Sunday, March 30, 2014

Stan Sakai auction and some overdue catch up...

oh-so-behind in nearly everything, it's a catch-up day here in treehouse.

i have been out and about, two trips across country to help my Boss move house. (& what a fine home he has moved into, see his fireplace photo here ...)

Came home to this in the mailbox, a gift of gratitude that touched my heart: a signed 1975 Barry Smith print, The Enchantment. Thank you, dear author boss, so much~

Also was at SXSW with the almighty Soundgarden, doing a few shows. Incredible shows, I should say. They did the entire Superunknown album front to back on a rooftop overlooking Austin!

If interested, you can read my interview w/hot new band The Missing Letters here on my Furrytiger roadie blog.

I have also posted thirty (count 'em 30!)free things, in my continued Swallowing Diamonds project-- go get 'em, tigers. Click HERE.

also while i was with Neil, I had him sign a gorgeous piece of art that Al Davison, at Astral Gypsy painted for the Stan Sakai auction.

I also included a signed-by-Neil and sublime artist Michael Zulli, limited edition print of In Relig Oran.

to visit the auction and help lend your support to the wonderful Stan Sakai, please CLICK HERE.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

items #49- #51: Addams Family trade paperback from 1965 + Batman/Nightmare

been such a busy kitty, here's a little diamond catch-up.

Some people have been saying they don't want to deal with ebay or that they want to buy things right away- so I am trying this little experiment.

I am working on the new website, but the Neverwear site is still up and running. Let's utilize the Kitty's Treasures section, under "secret magic"...!

item #49:

Oh, how we love Charles Addams.

LOVE him.

one year for Neil's birthday, we gave him one of the Charles Addams New Yorker cartoon prints, the one where they are about to pour boiling oil down on the carolers, you know the one!

This is a trade paperback, something I have had since a little kid.

It's a first printing from 1965, not in pristine condition, because I read and re-read as a kitten!

I love the descriptions on the back cover.

My life for you, Gomez...I always felt like I was a Morticia.

I will throw in some scary lil' Neil trick-or-treating bookmarks by Sean Von Gorman.


items #50 and #51: two beloved 100% cotton tshirts here for the discriminating human.

official Warner Brothers Batman tshirt from the 90's, in a girly (slim cut) size large.

from Henry Selick's masterpiece: NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, a Sally tee, where she is surrounded by little glittery purple roses, also in girls size large.


I have also put up another of the Neil mugs on ebay, it's only at 99 cents-- Go get it, tiger.

Friday, February 14, 2014

items #42 and 43: "concrete shoes, cynanide, TNT!" FREE TICKETS!

playing catch up on hearts day.

this "swallowing diamonds" project has been so much fun and it's putting me in touch with humans I may never have had contact with.

this package, bursting with sticker-love, came to me from a previous winner on the blog- the lovely three-names Anthony.

even his choice of postage stamps: spot on!

a geniune moment that made me stop and hold my little red velvet heart in my hand... or as my British production manager used to say:

I got a tear in my glass eye.

So, I was remiss in posting yesterday, I was still in German guitar god heaven.

I got to spend a day on the Michael Schenker tour, he and his band of merry pirates played at House of Blues on Sunset. Epic evening. UFO has the ability to put me right back into my eighth grade room. Lights out in London!

Today's diamonds will be a pair of FREE tickets to see Back in Black, an AC/DC cover act, on Friday, Feb 28th.

AC/DC, I am such a Bon Scott girl. I do find myself humming "dirty deeds done dirt cheap.." far too often. (neckties...contracts...high voltage)

While in Australia, last year about this time, we went to the big AC/DC owned Cherry Bar, meow!

please only take these if you can use them. to win, tell me your favorite AC/DC song!

Reminder: ONLY TWO DAYS LEFT IN MY GIANT TOUR SWAG AUCTION. guitar picks, backstage passes, tshirts...

meanwhile, tonight, Husband is taking me to the very romantic oceanfront spot MOONSHADOWS in Malibu. (yes, the place where Mel Gibson had his meltdown...) May your hearts all be chocolate!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

item #42: handstamped key ring (FREE to good home)

item #42:

my big Viking roadie HUSBAND bought me a stamping kit to start making personalized things, this one was a practice run, made by Drew--(he even test-stamped an innocent penny)

want the brass key ring?

tell us a good joke!

Monday, February 10, 2014

item #41: big LOT of guitar picks, passes, tour tshirts.

i have been a roadie for over a decade. this is item #41 in my "swallowing diamonds" clean-out-treehouse project.

a collection of tour swag from several of my tours.

8 never-stuck-on-human backstage/working passes from:

8 guitar picks from Zombie, Cheap Trick, Megadeth, Godsmack. I especially LOVE the Universal monster one.

xox John 5 and Piggy D!

plus a bonus mystery yellow pick-- WORLD TOUR on front, *secret on back.

3 tshirts:

one from Zombie/Megadeth (this is surely a bootleg--as a merchandiser i hate bootleggers, not condoning in any way) 100% cotton XXL size.

one from TOOL 2007 from the great UPSTAGING trucking company this sadly doesn't fit my sad self. 100 % cotton in size small.

one from EAGLES tour 2005 a "girly" style tee, in size XL.

one concert ticket from one of my favorite tours EVER: Zombie/Slayer.

i love souvenirs. please give these good homes...


If any artist I work with protests me selling this, i will remove. lord knows, i love & respect these people.

these are just things I have collected over the years, that I would like to sell to give money to my favorite tiger refuge, Valley of the Kings.

It's winter and they really need funds to keep the big cats warm and fed.

auction only offered in US of A-- sorry, too much $$ to ship overseas.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

item #40: FREE TO GOOD HOME: a handmade red glitter magnet

item #40:

Story of my life:

"Be scared and do it anyway."

if you are new to "swallowing diamonds", I've been making magnets and mirrors out of flood-damaged comics & printed materials for years. (now people send them in!)

They are for sale here on the Kitty's Treasures section of the soon-to-be-bye-bye Neverwear website.

The magnets and jewelry will go over to my Etsy page until I get the big website harnessed again.

To bring this to your home, tell me a story of something you were afraid of at first, and then did anyway. comment here or the Neverwear blog.

last night, I sold this beloved magnet to the lovely @cyndaelle:

a batch of 20 magnets are heading to ESCAPE POD COMICS in New York.

among the ones heading there?

and as a gift to Menachem (@escapepodcomics on twitter) I made this one:

Thanks for supporting the arts, and they are all under twenty bucks. affordable!

i was going to do guitar picks today as the diamonds, but Husband intervened, wait, I want that one, and that one, and...

so, maybe tomorrow--

Saturday, February 8, 2014

item #39: LOTTERY WINNER announced, free signed print.

two diamonds in one day, I'm getting ahead of myself for once...

Julia Grace was the first to respond and she won item #38- the free TRUE BLOOD books.

here is item #39:

I announced recently that one of the pre-sale purchasers for our new print would win a signed-by-Neil print in a lottery drawing.

we are in the treehouse now, happily embossing and rolling the I WILL WRITE IN WORDS OF FIRE Valentine prints with the glorious David Mack artwork and I drew the name of the winner just now.

A signed print will go to Miss Monica Rocha- a longtime Neverwear supporter.

I was happy to see her name in my little paw, she's been with us since the beginning of Neverwear.

Monica will get her choice of ANY of the prints in stock that Neil has already signed, OR she can wait and get her FIRE print signed by @Neilhimself when next I see our traveling author, maybe another month or so.

Monica, please let me know your choice:

Thanks for all the support on this print, happy to be able write a nice check for the Gaiman Foundation, which you can(& should) follow on twitter HERE.

I will see Mister David Mack soon, and have him sign some of these beautiful new prints, it is a really different look, so much bigger and clearer, easier to read Neil's love letter that was etched on the skin of @Burtzor-

In related news, here is another beautiful tattoo of Neil's words, on the fair skin of Kate H, work done by Taylor Anne of Mystic Owl Tattoo.

tomorrow's diamond will be a cool ass collection of guitar picks...