Tuesday, December 25, 2012

to everyone, a joyous new year!

what a year, full of magic and love & tears and breakthroughs. I want to thank all of the lovely Neverwear friends for their constant support!

We have so many new things coming up in the new year, prints from the darkhearted Roman Dirge! and the Dexter-artist our David Mack and the brilliant light of Lee Moyer to name a few.

watch this space! here is a thank-you five dollar off code good until the end of December:


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I just made a oven-fresh batch of new glass candy bars, here are just a few. (The link to all the magnets is at the end of the post--)






Here are the newborn magnet babies

Much love from me and Drew, Batman and Selina Kyle-- and of course, the ever-busy Mr. Gaiman.

Here is a photo of Neil & I:

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Monday, December 10, 2012

giving a little back...

I read Amanda's latest blog post with mixed sadness and hope.

She has cancelled/postponed much of her upcoming world tour to stay home with her ailing best friend, Anthony. He has cancer and is undergoing treatment and she is going to stick around, which is the most beautiful thing i have heard in these times of "me me me."

Getting the news there, not from Neil, not from Quiche, but from the written electronically-transmitted word made it more real, somehow. It gave me more time to understand, how much was really on the table here. Although Amanda presented many of the tour "penalties" etc, i know from having dealt with cancellations on tour before. Often, if you need to cancel a show, insurance has to be met, you have often to go through a whole charade of loading in, ONLY to load back out, just to meet these requirements. I won't bore you with details, but it hit me hard what she was doing.

What she did. For Anthony.

you can read more about these snowball-enemies & their pure undiluted friendship here.

In her same blog, Amanda brought to light that Fiona Apple, who I have worked with and have a great respect for, was cancelling her tour to stay home with her beloved dog.

Our cat, Batman, has also been given a "stand and deliver" tumor watch, he has been rapidly losing weight and surgery for him would be a death sentence at his advanced age. We knew it was coming, but seeing him shrink before our eyes, it's a crusher. A wait-&-see heartbreak. It's hard enough out on the road without feeling like you are missing life's milestones.

I have turned down several really good tours as of late to stay with Batty, and so has Drew, my roadie husband--also in part to make up for so many years of hit and miss... (once we even met at LAX just to make out for five minutes, before I flew off, as he was getting home)

Anyway, I read AFP's blog and thought, what could i do? I don't know Anthony, never met him, just ordered his book to get to know him a little bit better. (Got mine at our beloved Eljay's Books!) I don't know if he needs money, or if he would even take money.

However, I will pledge proceeds from the sale of the Conjunctions print drawn by that foxy Finn, Jouni Koponen. This print details the time when Neil was falling in love, illustrating a poem he wrote about this time. For the rest of the year, I will drop the price on the the unsigned prints to their original price of $38.00 (we do have a few signed-by-Neil, they will not drop in price--it's hard enough to track down Mr. Gaiman) I will send this money on to Anthony or to his preferred charity-of-choice.


to order unsigned, go HERE.


for a signed-by-Neil, go HERE.

as Anthony said to Amanda,

“if you love people enough, they’ll give you everything.”

Friday, December 7, 2012

a year ago today...

One year ago today, I got hit by a car. I was out on a tour w/a band and I was getting my luggage out from under the bus bay.

We were in San Francisco, that night we were going to play at the crazy Palace of Fine Arts.

My video guy Phil was off the bus, it was about 7:45 in the morning, and he was the only one that realized what happened when I was somehow lying in the middle of the road, unable to get up. Our bus driver didn’t even see it happen.

The driver of the car, a nice middle-aged lady, slammed on her brakes and got out of her car, ran over to me, crying, trying to pick me up off the ground. I couldn’t catch my breath, the car literally knocked the wind out of me. Later I would find that I had two broken ribs, but at the time, instinct takes over, maybe a little shock. I said, I am fine, when I could speak. It’s what you do when you are a roadie and not actually dead. We can’t get sick on our 16-18 hour days. We have no union, we don’t want to be sent home. So I said, I am okay.

But I wasn’t okay.

It hurt like hell. I still have a scar running down the left side of my back.

My runner that day drove me to the ER. His GPS wasn’t working in downtown San Francisco because of all the high-rises, so he pointed to a cluster of buildings and said, the hospital is over there, 2 doors down. I got out and started my torturous journey to that building. It was cold in SF, and I hadn’t thought to grab a sweater. The wind was blowing, and my shock was beginning to wear off. I was hurting.

Got into the building, which turned out to be a fancy hotel, and they said, ____ Hospital? Oh, that’s eight city blocks away.

Well, I got there, and I was looked at, and I begged the doctor to sign off on me so I could go back to the venue. He said, you really shouldn’t go back to work, you don’t know what else is going on besides broken ribs.

I went back via taxi cab and entered the venue to a round of applause. It really is a family when you tour. I finished the short time left on the road.

Smash cut to: the driver’s insurance company: California Casualty.

They recorded my version of the events. The agent, started off the call very nicely, saying, oh yes, pedestrian hit by car, our client was at fault, we will take care of your bills and give you some pain & suffering moola to boot.

I didn’t think much about it, and a month goes by, it’s the holiday season, I flew to my parents home back east in great discomfort, but I counted myself lucky that I didn’t die, or get more seriously injured.

The bills from the hospital and the xray technician etc. started to roll in. I had gotten several therapeutic massages, to ease the tissue around the ribs.

The insurance company, California Casualty, said, our client has changed her version of the events as you described. She says you jumped out in front of her car.

I said, You mean like a suicide??? The agent said, well…. your words, not mine.

So they didn’t deny any of my claims, they just said, we are still researching the case.

I went on to their website, and found that among their own clients, they had less than a 50% dissatisfaction rate with how claims were handled.

People said, get a lawyer. I am not a very litigious sort, and I called a couple, to be told that broken ribs aren’t a good case. One guy said, maybe if you lost a hand.

So I contacted the insurance company every month, saying, how is the “investigation” going?

For a good chunk of time, my assigned agent reported that she hurt her hand, so she could not email me. (!?!) I asked her how it would be answering the phone, she said she could manage.

She suggested I make a claim through my own car insurance. My car was hundreds of miles away!

This went on, until a week ago, when I got a letter from California Casualty saying:

The statue of limitations is up on your claim on December 7th, 2012.

That is today.

I never really cared about the money. It was more the principal of the matter. They almost surely raised their client’s premimum, and never paid out a dime. They probably do this all the time.

I feel so completely powerless. Does anyone else have any stories like this?

Monday, December 3, 2012

new jewels & glass candy bar comicbook magnets

Been very busy over here at the treehouse. making magnets and jewelry, and getting everything posted. (wanted to get some new items up before i go to see those rock legends, Aerosmith, tonight at the mighty Staples Center in downtown LA!)

such a sweet and well-behaved little mirror. made with glitter snakeskin paper & the wisdom of Batman to his buddy Superman. Sounds like Supes needed some cheering up!


comes in a little teeny black box. made from recycled comic books from my tragic flood. Ok, tragic may be an overstatement. No one was injured, only my feelings were hurt.

if you are trying to order from overseas, contact me via twitter (@neverwear) or via email: Neverwear@gaiman.net --we will set a fair shipping price! A panel from SANDMAN #69 from July 1995 drawn by the flawless Marc Hempel.

ah, Death, you wonderful lady-child. Isn't she most everyone's favorite from the SANDMAN stable of characters?


"You sure you can't read minds?"


"Can you cure cancer?" lime-greeny gold glitter backs these most hopeful of words. I believe we all can read minds and cure cancer, if we try hard enough.


Barnabus is one of my favorites from the Sandman world. He's just about the best dog ever. Definitely a chattier cousin of Cabal.

Again, Todd Klein nails down Neil's dialogue with diamond precision. I mean, really! Lookit!


I loved this story arc so so much. from the Sandman "A Game of You" with the most interesting Wanda. Wanda dreams... dresses for all!


LOBO, you gigantic space caveman, you magnificent douchebag! I love him so much. This is a typical introduction to him. ("Huevos gigante" haha)


By the hammer of Thor!

"Whoesoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor." " and what-not" HAHA wish I knew the whole story. ANyone know it?

again, i will say, this gold & black faux snakeskin glitter paper brings out the worst in me, i am very possessive of it and use it oh-so-sparingly.

PS. NO IDEA what comic this came out of. i know it is DEF not Todd Klein lettering. Anyone? Bueller?


thanks for supporting the arts in many ways. You can get to these tiny glass candy bars HERE.

I acquired some new stocking stuffers for the shop. Absinthe soap! Made by little green fairies.

I tried this soap and so many humans were drawn to me, that i decided to order it to share with the world. This soap comes in a beautiful little tin (my tin now holds beads of all types)


I personally have never tried absinthe, but many of the (unnamed) rockstars that i have toured with, have requested me put little sugar cubes in the dressing rooms...do your research, people. Tell me how it is if you've tried it. CLICK FOR SOAP LINK.

What better to store your mints in? A coffin fit for a caterpillar! The King of Caterpillars may be buried in style, once you finish your mints. Look at how many mints though, Rainman. SO MANY!


Free shipping within the US, but overseas customers, if you are buying a tshirt or print, they will pop right in the order. CLICK FOR DEATH MINTS.

more jewelry: a pyrite choker: Photobucket

Vintage cut rubyglass earrings:


Moss agate and vintage light-amethyst glass sparklers:

Photobucket Look at all the jewels here.

the new charcoal grey CATS DON'T NEED NAMES tshirts are shipping out this week, the small run that we printed is almost gone, in one week! Get them soon.


ok, loves. time to wind this up. grateful for all your support.