Sunday, March 15, 2015

RIP Sir Terry, you smart/tart sweetheart....

I was traveling in Florida doing research for an alligator script, when I saw the news that Mr. Prachett had passed on.

My first thoughts were for my boss, Neil- I knew he would have his spirit punctured by this.

My inbox filled instantly with requests from world wide news agents, to get Neil on this or that program, and we politely declined them all. He was not in any way ready to go public with his sorrow.

I send love and support to the family of this amazing man who was inspired so by THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, a personal favorite of mine as well.

My plan is to go back and re-read GOOD OMENS in celebration of his life.

illustration by John Cuneo.

St. Patrick was a fine soul...a non-typical PRINT SALE.

In honor of my Irish forebears, and the wearin' o' the green, we bring you a little sale. (St. Patrick heard voices in his head, as we all do from time to time) 

for the next three days (until Wed 12:00 noon PST) two of our prints will be on a deep discount. Both will benefit Neil's GAIMAN FOUNDATION which deeply supports the artistic community, as well as helps preserve freedom of speech with organizations such as the mighty @CBLDF. 

one: the P. Craig Russell magic of HEARTBREAK HOTEL, a beauty. 

Neil and Amanda held a show in Tampa, Florida on Valentine's Day this year, 2015.

They asked me to help them with the show print.

We approached the mighty king of the drawn line, P. Craig Russell, to illustrate these mad modern lovers. It's a beautiful piece of heartache history, only available at the Tampa show and here.

They are sold unsigned at $40... for the next few days they will be $20 each.

(i did put up a $5 off code over on the Neverwear page-& on the blog-- do a little digging, if you want to save another fiver)

they measure a glorious 10" x 25" and are printed on a luscious recycled matte stock, my photo does it no justice, I actually inhaled when i first saw.

Our version is the stamped-with-the-Neverwear seal, a run of 200.


order them HERE.

also the beautiful IN RELIG ORAN print will be reduced for the next few days, the unsigned version will be $15.00

From the brilliant imagination of Michael Zulli, a full-color rendering of Neil's poem IN RELIG ORAN.

Mr. Zulli is the remarkable artist behind The Wake, Sandman's final chapter.

 This is a hand-numbered limited edition run of 750 prints. Print size 11" x 17". will have the official Neil Gaiman embossed stamp on the lower lefthand side.

Before he read the at-the-time unpublished poem in Chicago at C2E2, Neil told us a little story.

Inspired by a book of myths and legends of Scotland by Otta F. Swire, Neil wrote the poem about a doomed saint, IN RELIG ORAN.

After reading some of the stories in the Swire book, he took his dog, Cabal for a walk. 

"Sometimes, when you walk, " he said, "your mind goes into rhythms.....I found myself walking to along to the beat of the line: When St. Columba landed at the island of Iona..." 

 It is a thought-provoking piece and one of Neil's most beautiful word paintings.

order them HERE.

as always thank you for your support.

Am here for any questions: