Monday, March 29, 2010

Oscar recap & Cabal nominees...

March madness, but in a non-sports way...
Neil was here for the Oscars and it spun me right 'round like a record, bay-bee.

We outfitted him in beautiful threads, Kambriel and Dior...

my favorite getting-ready shot:

the golden ticket:

He made the LA Times...

He doodled for charity, click here for outcome:

the Hollywood hotel he was staying at had a life-size chess board in the courtyard:

and a delicious rooftop pool:

Neil left LA to continue his multi-destination run, which he recounts over HERE.

Meanwhile I left and did the Yo Gabba Gabba US/Canada tour which you can read about

Before I left, I put up a Cabal contest, and here are the finalists...
so so many good ones, you talented world, it was extremely difficult to narrow down to these finalists...

If you can leave a comment (or email me at if you don't want to leave comment)
we will review and then consult with Cabal's dad...
final decision in a week or so!

by Diana Sprinkle:

by Jenny Robins:

by Danny Dillen:

by Chris Lincoln:

by Joey Lee:

by M.C. Matz:

by WonderBink:

by Jouni Koponen:

by Jess:

by "D.H.":

and two by Wai-Jing Tsang:

let me know what you think!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Cabal contest and new American Gods buttons!

it's March!

We are announcing a new contest up for the next few weeks, send me a graphic depiction of Cabal, our boss Neil's mighty canine companion --i need something easily printable & i am looking to you, the vast talent pool that is out there all across the globe.
Not looking for photos of Cabal, I want some sort of graphic to put on a label or shirt, use your imaginations!

I didn't want to post a photo, because I look to you to make your own image of this beautiful doggy, instead I posted a little movie I made of him playing with a stick:

Please send all files to:

just send small files and we will have a vote.
if you win, I will need a bigger 300 dpi file...

contest closes on March 20th, on the vernal equinox, where night & day are equally long...

Winner of this contest will receive a signed-by-@neilhimself HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES print.

for our March special we have our new set of four exclusive jacket pins
referencing American Gods
they are free with any $12 purchase from Neverwear

(click on photos for more detail)

a little more detail:

happy March, you artistic lot.

also, some of you may recall, Neil let me trade a pair of tickets to his UCLA talk for a tour of the Playboy Mansion: