Tuesday, December 23, 2014

WISH prints are ALL out in the world.

ALL of the Wish prints have shipped and there are only a few late-last minute orders that will be arriving after tomorrow.

If you haven't seen yours, PLEASE let me know-- we really tried.

Things do go missing, though and we will help track down. We had one print reported damaged by postal devices and we already got him his new print, so there is customer service over here.

(yeah, that's right, it's ME. haha.) We worked around the clock for 10 days straight, embossing and hand-numbering each one, and the post office runs, they were stuff of legend...

Thank you for the amazing turnout on this print, The Gaiman Foundation will be getting a healthy check and the world will see a glimmer of hope in these sometimes dark, difficult times.

neverwear@gaiman.net ps. we only have a few prints in this run left, the response to this David Mack effort was unbelievable! totally grateful to you all.

If you still want one, get it HERE.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

going postal...

have been at it for days, hand-numbering, hand-embossing, rolling, packing, printing labels and postage--up at 5:30 am daily!

we are shipping all over the world, Korea, China, Japan, Europe, Scandanavia, South America, Australia & the mighty New Zealand to name a few.

So many boxes of tubes leaving the Treehouse daily.

We are hopeful to have them ALL shipped by Thursday-

Thank you for your patience & support, we aren't Amazon, just a small team in the Treehouse.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

a Neil five-dollar bill for you & WISH shipping updates.

These are words to live by...

Neil Gaiman's spectacular New Year's wish illustrated by water-color master David Mack!

A 11" x 17" image printed right here in Hollywood, USA.

As all of the Neverwear limited edition runs, we will emboss with the official stamp and hand-number them.

A limited edition of 2000.

These were sold unsigned and for the first 3 days, we sold them them at $25.00. **WE ADDED TUESDAY because we are nice.

On Dec 2, 2014, midnight EST, they priced back up to $38.00, which is what we will continue to do with each print run in future. We like to reward the early-orderers with that 25%+ discount.

A portion of all monies collected will go to THE GAIMAN FOUNDATION, Neil & Holly's support of the art community--

The prints will be arriving to the Treehouse in LA on Tuesday or Wednesday, and will ship out immediately. Here is Drew getting the tubes labelled and prepped while I am out east.

They will ship by Dec 11-12, plenty of time for holiday arrival. if you are really concerned about time, please email me: neverwear@gaiman.net We will work out a plan.

I just finished my last show with the Black Keys, and while I will miss the touring terribly, it's time to tend the home gardens. Neil is beyond busy and I need to be off that tour bus to help him.

So! to thank you for all the support and to answer the people who were sad that they missed the pre-sale, here is a five-dollar-off code that you can enter upon check out: THANKY

It's a one-time use per person code, and can be used on anything on the site. Expires Jan. 1, 2015


I'll leave you with Neil's wonderful New Year words:

May your coming year

be filled with magic

and dreams

and good madness.

I hope you read

some fine books

and kiss someone who

thinks you are wonderful.

and don't forget

to make some art-

write or draw

or build or sing

or live

as only you can.

And I hope,


in the next year,

you surprise yourself.

- Neil Gaiman