Sunday, February 13, 2011

a virtual Neil mailbox & a call to arms...

Losing comics is a serious wound to the heart,
we have two cases turn up in Neil's mailbox (his virtual mailbox, not his analogue)...
two sort of bookends, if you will.

Melanie's friend Kysira has lost comics in the recent flood in Australia, and one in the UK that has signed Neil books to spare:

Have books & comics to spare?
'Help an Aussie who lost & comics (incl. Sandman comics) in the Brisbane floods by donating 2ndhand books:Donate them to help! She has yet to catalogue the full extent of the damage as many of the books have simply floated away and she won't know they're missing until she reaches for them. We do know, however, that she has lost a collection of Neil's Sandman comics.
Contact for details, twitter name is @melaniesaward

and on the other hand:

Hello Cat
I’m currently listing a complete set of Neil’s earlier work to raise money for my forthcoming studies in creativity, activism and design.

They’re for sale right now, here: here
... IMHO It’s a great example of the fun of signings, and of what collections can mean years down the line..

i can feel for Kysira, as many know, I lost a big box of comics, but salvaged some of them in a recycling project--

we are auctioning off a set of two X-men panels from 1985 that I have encasesd in glass to preserve, I love the "Pull!" plea from Kitty Pryde to Wolvy. bidding starts at $5...
auction site HERE (remember you have to "like" the auction to bid on it, that Facebook is a constant rulebook...)

more real Neil mailbox soon, but we are off to ride bikes downtown to the Twin Peak 20th anniversary art show--
work by David Lynch!

Friday, February 11, 2011

a benefit auction for our friend, miss Wendy--

Our dear friend Wendy was recently involved in an accident on the treacherous Los Angeles freeways--
& her medical bills are gruesome.

We are throwing a benefit for her this week. People have gathered together items and we have posted them over on HERE for a view. Thanks to Connie F. who makes this comment:
"May I remind everyone (because I am an idiot and assume I can't be the only one) ~ you have to "like" this page before you can comment (thus, bid) on anything. Took me a few to figure that out. My apologies to those of you who knew this already!"

Connie, dear, you are no idiot, i didn't even realize that. Thanks for pointing it out!
I will put a few of the items for sale below.

Neil has graciously signed a few items for the cause:

he signed some of the HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES prints:

Nancye from Moxie Rx in Portland, Oregon has donated six dozen cookies to six different bidders--
i WILL be bidding on a dozen of these gems:

Kitty's glass candy bar comic book rescue magnets, a set of 2 Xmen panels from 1985, bidding starts at $5.oo:

to find more of these:

from the oh-so-talented Cyn Moore , a piece of original artwork.
Title: Boldness
Size: 8.5" X 6"
Mixed media encaustic on found bookcover ...
This is a better investment than Apple stock in the eighties...
bidding starts at $20

even Charm City Baltimore got involved, with this trio of signed books by John Waters from the fine people at Atomic Books:

go take a look! there are many various items up for sale: guitars & pedals, boots, shoes, figs, jewelry, even a beach cruiser bike up for auction. We will be taking bids on the Facebook page until Friday Feb 18th, and then having the silent auction at Cha Cha in Silverlake at 5:30 pm Friday night--if you are in LA area, come by and see us. But safely!
Cha Cha Lounge
2375 Glendale Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90039-3245
(323) 660-7595

and lastly, here is the paypal button to donate directly to Wen, even five dollars will be helpful.

here's Wendy in better times, without the broken-in-two-places wrist:

"If only people could know that a life of goodness, no matter how modest, will lead to an eternity of unparalleled bliss, they would ask themselves why they did not do more good while they were on Earth. One act of kindness in this world is repaid tenfold in the next..."

taken from The Laws of Eternity by Ryucho Okawa

in gratitude,