Saturday, October 10, 2009


HALLOWEEN SALE on HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES print until November 1, 2009 @ midnight

(when they will go back up to $45.00)


save twenty dollars! all this art for only $25.00...
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neverwear sale

click HERE to get to the print...thanks for supporting the arts!

we also finally got in the I BELIEVE GIRLY tees, and a new DREAM necklace made by my good friend Cyn Moore in Seattle.... lots more coming up in November. Happy Halloween, darling ghouls and fiends.

and for you real art-lovers, if you buy TWO of these prints on sale, I will throw in a free (yes, free) glass comic book magnet of my choice (or if you tell me what comics you love, I will try to accommodate---)

(this Thor is long gone, but I have so many choices-- from old Batman to new Bondage Fairies to classic Hate to our-favorite Spidey to divine Sandman to you-name-it)


Friday, October 9, 2009

"bees, glorious bees" (title suggested by Maddy)

i am here in the crisp midwest, taking a break from the city streets and the hustle of tour life.

Neil is leaving on a writing trip and I came out to help Lorraine send him off into the great good night. Lucky me, my trip fell in honey harvest season.

One of the tasks in preparation was making bee food for their subzero winter freeze, Sharon the Bee/Birdchick headed up the taskforce:

Lorraine, Neil and Sharon:

we began to suit up like Ghostbusters...
I noticed everyone had their sign, everyone but me. I was “bee guest”--- change this please, Quiche. In the movies, it is always red shirts and “bee guests” that die first.

we trekked out to the hive corral, surrounded by a bear-thwarting electric fence.
Cabal the dog stayed out of bee range, having learned a thing or three about the sharp ways of the black and golden stripes.

I was there mostly as documentarian, but every once in a while, a shout for “smoker! more smoke, please!” would bring me out of my watcher role. The smoke seems to subdue the bees, they head back for the hive, thinking there is a fire.

Lorraine is so beautiful in her calm:

I got to use the hive tool to pry apart the heavy stacks of the hives to get at the full to overflowing gorgeous honey:

Sharon examines the comb:

I asked Neil to take a picture of me in my bee hazmat suit (with a few bees on me):

Three out of four of the hives were fairly subdued by the cool temperatures.
One hive however, the bees came out swinging, Sharon was stung once, and poor Hans was stung several times in the ankle.

Neil sat through a storm of bees, angry bees, and i filmed without dropping my camera, even though the “bonking” (mad pile-driving hits into our bee suits, with all the force their tiny bodies can muster)

here he impresses Lorraine with his demonstration of bee shaking:

The team works together, each of them trusting the other:

(notice the Batman hive, another reason to love Hans)

Neil shows us a drone:

poor Hansy:

the walk home:

i don’t want to leave...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

more gorgeous Neil Mailbox...

it is never a dull moment, unpacking these delightful gifts, creative projects and various requests sprung from the minds of you beautiful people...

this little DNA collection kit came from Reading Reptile Labs in Kansas City, they want to store all the best children's book authors genetic material to put on display...

interestingly enough, it is not the first time Neil has been asked for his DNA.

this next offering arrived in a sleek black packet, a sample of Quotable cards for Neil, from the kind Dallas in NYC. The cover of their catalog has a comforting quote from the Buddha:
When words are both kind and true, the can change the world.

a belated 2009 calendar from Geek Calendars arrived from Julia in Worchester, MA:

from Ashley, who attended the Amanda show at LA's legendary Troubadour, (which i am still sad that Jonas tour took me away from) this adorable photo of her posing as Delirium and a copy of her film PRINT:

last night, I dreamt I was night-rollerskating in a spooky park. This package is where those dream seeds came from...
from Indiana's NapTown Roller Girls, courtesy of Toni, a box chockfull of treats, no tricks. The calendars feature foxy derby girls with names like Smackie Onassis (i had to take it away from Drew...twice):

Toni also put in some glittery cat toys for all the Gaiman kitties and this fetching knit Cyclops creature:

I think I will send the whole team a box of Neverwear tees for them to cut up and model for the site. Thoughtful and goodlookin' derby queens!

miss Kim from NY sent the FabulousLorraine some clever handknit cat toys for the Bengal party of 4. However, before I could put them away, young Selina Kyle helped to unwrap them, if you look carefully you can see her needle sharp teeth marks on the packaging. I have them in the freezer now, as that is the only place she hasn't yet figured out how to infiltrate. (correction, the two small adorable kitty voodoo dolls were made by KRAFTY with all apologies from Kylie who mixed them all up like the tornado blender that she is)

speaking of the kitten, I have been making more jewelry and she was really trying to be helpful:

there will be more...