Sunday, August 11, 2013

an August mini-Neil mailbox

Part of my job is to field the mails for Neil. I really love this part, and try to keep up with the sliding avalanche that can be the mails. I have started a new "HOW TO MAIL NEIL GAIMAN" and it mocks me, unfinished on my desktop. I am boxing up many things to send off to the archives of Gaiman, some great things came in this week. There are also several things from ComicCon, that he just couldn't carry back with him.

look at this gorgeous Dr. Who timeline print, which I have just very carefully rolled up for safe time travel.

a little detail!

Line master P. Craig Russell & his right-hand man Wayne Alan Harold sent over TWO copies of the vol. 3 of the brilliant series Graphic Storytelling, one for each! (or maybe Wayne's imaginary child sent them, if you don't follow WAH on twitter, consider doing so: @WayneAlanHarold)

here is a bit of a sad post office case, even though they wrote DO NOT BEND in red marker, somewhere between the UK and Los Angeles, someone DID bend it mightily. It was meant to be Neil doodling on a Tardis, for @ArtVCancer, am sure that Boss can do some wonders on it-- In this case, we can learn that sending soft paper bits in a smooshy padded envelope with red protective charms written over it, doesn't always end well.

this so-charming letter comes with a question I have definitely asked of Neil...

and this beautiful book comes to us from the good people of Canongate, THE NOVEL CUREby Ella Berthoud & Susan Elderkin.

It is an A-Z guide to literary remedies and I think Neil will really enjoy it. His work is referenced three, count 'em, three times, for curative powers.

something in this book for everyone--

this arrived from Jane Rawson in Australia and I may be judging a book by its cover, but I love a good map.

wrapping this up, because Husband is home from his last stadium date of the Taylor Swift tour and I am taking him to Sunday brunch, this is the good part about being a roadie...coming home.

here's one for the road:

Saturday, August 10, 2013

gratitude, a Neil Gaiman documentary, the post office, plus kittens.

it's been busy around the Treehouse, but nothing like last month. July, you may never be topped.

I have been catching up on all the things that slid a bit while on the tours and at San Diego Comic Con.

Lined up a few more interviews for the guys at Respect Films, who are doing a documentary on a year of Neil Gaiman's life, one of the busiest I have seen him go through to date.

We met at the David Mack art show in Culver City, at Century Guild- I introduced Patrick and Jordan to David to get some of his thoughts on Neil.

It was a very busy event and David was a good sport on taking a moment out to talk about Neil.

 photo MackInterview_zpscc159c5a.jpg

A few days later, we met at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab to get the gorgeous Elizabeth Barrial on film.

 photo bpalShoot_zpsa30be295.jpg

Jordan adjusts the lighting. The whole tiny shop, which you must visit if you find yourself in the LA area, smells like magic. Real magic. Here there be tigers.

 photo Bpal_zpsff6ffc3b.jpg

Portable film crew of one.

 photo Jordan_zps4a2a29dd.jpg

Jordan and Patrick will go to the UK to film Neil having a street named after him, which should be in all caps, as it is an AMAZING honor.

to find out more about the Portsmouth event, read HERE.

When not chasing after film crews, I have been rolling and shipping Neverwear orders, all caught up now. ALso while in San Diego, in Neil's skyscraping suite, I had him sign thank-you prints to each of the bookstores that hosted the OCEAN signing tour dates in the US.

 photo thankYous_zps2250fb09.jpg

a thank you to the good people at Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington, we loved this event.

 photo JoeBeth_zpsc7fa60c1.jpg

I have to go back and blog some more photos-- like this spot-on fan art given to Neil at the Lex event.

 photo NG_Lex_zpsd47fa988.jpg

and Tattered Cover in Denver! I use the pictured pen Charles gave me daily (i may need another ten of these-best pen ever!)

 photo DEN_zps500273c6.jpg

Selina Kyle supervised the operation from her perch high above us...

 photo tubes_zps06da20d9.jpg

Here is Drew carrying a load for the post office in my most beloved Batman bag from SDCC. Thank you, Warner Brothers, for making this bag. I heart it so.

 photo postage2_zps4cf2163a.jpg

Meanwhile, the USPS is struggling under the new rules and price-hikes. I have been seriously considering switching carriers, and then I found out that Fed Ex has sub-contracted the post office to deliver much of their load. Higher prices for a subcontract, no... The overseas rates have sky-rocketed and the new customs forms are a nightmare. (pictured here are my last precious remaining single-sheet CN22 forms)

 photo postage_zps52f4010f.jpg

I have not raised my shipping rate in years, but may have to step it up to keep up. To ship a single teeshirt to UK is now $16.75 and it is taking more time than usual for orders to arrive to customers, which we do not like. We ship all over the world, and some places are luckier than others for getting to the destination. Pardon the pun, but we will keep you posted...

on the plus side, the post office has just issued this Johnny Cash stamp, which wins them points back...

now, in other completely unrelated news, KITTENS! for anyone that is interested in our mission to adopt some Maine Coon kittens...

for more about our NEW KITTIES, Jonesy & Ripley, click here.