Tuesday, December 25, 2012

to everyone, a joyous new year!

what a year, full of magic and love & tears and breakthroughs. I want to thank all of the lovely Neverwear friends for their constant support!

We have so many new things coming up in the new year, prints from the darkhearted Roman Dirge! and the Dexter-artist our David Mack and the brilliant light of Lee Moyer to name a few.

watch this space! here is a thank-you five dollar off code good until the end of December:


use this code when you check out: holiday-love

I just made a oven-fresh batch of new glass candy bars, here are just a few. (The link to all the magnets is at the end of the post--)






Here are the newborn magnet babies

Much love from me and Drew, Batman and Selina Kyle-- and of course, the ever-busy Mr. Gaiman.

Here is a photo of Neil & I:

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Dragonsally said...

Happy New Year to you too, glorious one.