Wednesday, March 26, 2008

NEVERWEAR call for photos!

Hello, you wonderful people,
Hope this finds you well...

The Webelf & Webgoblin, bless their computer-y hearts, are in the process of updating the website,
and we have some new Neil items down the road for you all to see.

We have coming up:

* some girly shirts---finally!

* a full-color Graveyard Book mousepad w/Kendra Stout artwork

* posters of Neil's work

* sticker set

* a blog to post YOUR photos wearing your Neverwear items...or reading your Neil books/comics etc...

so--please send us some photos,
we will be unveiling the blog soon...
it will be clickable from the store site & we will update regularly...

e-mail to:

thanks for all of your support,
Cat & Ethan


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