Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"my first name ain't baby..."

"it's Janet, miss Jackson if you're nasty!"

Worked the Staples Center show of Herself last night,
pyro buttons galore!

rumors of Prince in audience, but I didn't see him.
LL Cool J opened the show...the ladies love cool James.

the touring crew is made up of many of my former crew mates,
so there was a reunion every five minutes, healed my weary heart.
Ck & Todd , KVL & good to see you all.

Red came over and we went out into the audience to watch the show,
with Francis and Jon at front of house mix position.

oh girl, you have grown up.
and for the record, I never thought the infamous "wardrobe malfunction" was her fault.

here for the gore fans,
stage manager Kahuna sliced his leg open on stage and bled all over his keds.
who says rock n' roll isn't dangerous..?!

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