Thursday, April 8, 2010


They used to say at the Oscars, "and the Oscar goes to.."
and this year they reverted back to, "and THE WINNER IS..."

well I have to say, THE WINNERS ARE...
because I can't choose.

Neil said to me cheerily, "Kitty, you are on your own.."
No help there.

The Fabulous Lorraine, well, Quichie is a woman decided, let's just say...
never any confusion about what SHE is thinking...

another reason to love that girl.

i tallied the votes on the blog and in the Neverwear email....


by Jenny Robins:

by Chris Lincoln:

by Joey Lee:

by M.C. Matz:

by WonderBink:

by Jouni Koponen:

by Jess:

and by Wai-Jing Tsang:

(i loved all the others as well, esp. Danny Dillen & DH's (Daria Hlazatova)--really beautiful work)

I want to make sets of eight -count-em-EIGHT CABAL POSTCARDS.
These eight artists will be featured (that is, if they agree to a one-time license use, they will still own their original art).

My plan is to print a limited edition set run of 220...

each of the winners will get complimentary sets,

Jouni, came in 2nd, by the way! who can resist a talented Viking from Finland, his design will go to decorate the
soon-to-be-announced Cabal doggy bags, totally green biodegradable dog bags...the profits of which will go to benefit
the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

This is where i got my dear Batman, who after five years of blanketed love on him, he is finally coming out of whatever trauma befell him.

Cabal was rescued from an abusive situation by our hero Neil. The Fabulous Lorraine has been an unwavering supporters of animals in need since we all were just tiny kittens.

These doggy waste-pick-up bags won't be expensive, but they will help the Earth by biodegrading quickly and the donations will help animals to find the kind homes they so deserve.

please stay tuned for more details as I speak to the artists, but there, you have the results...

meanwhile 2 new sticker designs are up on




"CATS DON"T NEED NAMES" from Coraline.

a reminder, the Anansi Boys heather grey tees are only $15.00 each and I have sizes small, medium, large & x-large left.

here is magician Crow Garrett wearing his...


and finally, I am trying to get more Vikings to come to America....


The artist behind the wildly successful print of SAUCERS lives in Finland,
and I am trying to get him out here for this event.
For a ten dollar donation, you, generous donor will get a limited edition 4" x 10" sticker made up from the SAUCERS print artwork.

If we get Jouni to come to this can't-miss event, he WILL sign it for you...

I am completely OUT of the SAUCERS print and so I am starting the donations with $500 toward his ticket.

ten bucks can make a difference!! (and you can donate more, should ye be feelin' rich, each tenner will get a sticker...)

All the way from Finland, the smokin' hot Jouni Koponen illustrates Neil's poem: "The Day the Saucers Came" --- a personal favorite of ours here at Neverwear.

SAUCERS poster

now! back to my laboratory.


FabulousLorraine said...

Wonderful! On every thing! You are the most coolest person I know. Hands down.

Bring me some cards when you come! (I did get the stickers, on my violen case now with my Motley Crue Backstage passes, also from you, as I recall that day...)

Little Baby Delirium said...

So glad Chris Lincoln placed. LOVED that one! Loved them all really, but you're right, too tough to decide. :)

Joonas said...

Damn I wish I had the skill that the people have who entered the Cabal concert.

kate mckinnon said...

TOO excellent!
I am so in for a couple of sets of postcards.

vampi said...



all the finalists were amazing, and i think the winning 8 are so awesome.

Dragonsally said...

Excellent choices. I'm in for the postcards when you do them too.
Look at the itty bitty Batman. My, how he has grown.

j. m. lee said...

W-woot! Congrats to everyone! Thanks for the pleasure of participating :)

Sheila said...

I . . . um . . . wow.

Wonderbink here. How do you do? I entered the contest on a lark and honestly didn't expect I'd even make the cut.

The whole story of how the piece came to be can be read here, for the curious:

Anonymous said...

Yay to everyone!

Mary Gaughan said...

LOVE Cabal in his cape. Someone needs to make a comic! Hint hint...

Madeline Carol Matz said...

When I sent in my art, I said I knew it wasn't appropriate for a logo contest but sent it in the spirit of sharing.
To get nominated and then make the final cut has me gobsmacked!
I thought everyone's art was so creative and original with all the different interpretations of out beloved Cabal!
I'm happy a bunch of folks liked it enough to comment on it. Thanks!

spacedlaw said...

Kitty, how do we do the donations for Jouni? I was looking for a link to some paypal but can't find any.

Congratulations to all!

vampi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
vampi said...

i got the link off of twitter, looks like it didn't linkify in the post HELP US GET JOUNI KOPONEN OUT HERE! SAUCERS STICKER... at neverwear

totally digging the making of blog. what an interesting way to art. i was wondering where the words came from.

daria said...

great! I'm glad Wonderbink won! and all the other designs are absolutely cool too! congarts! i'm so glad i took part ;) Thanks Kitty for your comment on mine, too)

Kitty Cat said...

i did forget to link to the Jouni donation box, sorry all!
will go and amend this now--
April has been full of busy days!!

Danny D said...

I just want to say thank you.

I honestly never expected to place. Imagine my surprise when I see my pixels placed next to such amazing pieces of art.

Congrats to the winners. Deserved in every respect.

EmilyLady said...

Some really incredible art.

HellZiggy said...

A postcard set! Yay! I've been collecting postcards since I was a kid, so I will need a set of these to join the collection!

~the other Sharon

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