Friday, January 28, 2011

new items at Neverwear!

hard to believe it is almost February---

We elves here at Neverwear have been very busy coming up with new Neil items...

We are lucky to have such terrific artists as colleagues, see below, a new Anansi Boys sticker designed by our friend Christopher Salmon who is bringing us the short film,THE PRICE.

Christopher is going to have a new production blog up soon, with a special video message from Mister Neil shot by yours truly on his last LA visit ( I will give a prize to the first person who guesses location where we shot it)-
watch this space: THE PRICE UPDATES.
You can still donate to the project at the THE PRICE website, and it may be the only way to secure your copy of the short film.

here is the full-color 2" x 6.5" Anansi Boys sticker:


(aren't we all just doing the best we can?)


Also, we made a mighty Cabal sticker, full-color 4" x 6", drawn by our hero Jouni Koponen who drew Neil's sold-out SAUCERS print :

From Kitty's Neverwear

here, Cabal walks his owner along with Miss Pearl, down by the creek, last year, this was before Lola came along--

From Kitty's Neverwear

a chunk of the profits raised from this sticker will go to VALLEY OF THE KINGS, who rescue and care for abused animals.
They have saved many wolf brothers, sort of cousins to Cabal. We are trying to raise money to sponsor Socrates and Obie, tigers who have been saved from a lifetime of misery and neglect. Valley of the Kings is home to approximately 50 animals: lions, tigers, llamas, lynxes, cougars, dogs, exotic birds, burros, bengals, pigs, horses, even a camel! They are not a state funded institution, they depend on the kindness of us humans. See more info on this amazing refuge HERE.


for February's special, we are offering a limited edition 2" x 6" Anansi Boys bookmark (same as the sticker design) with any $20 purchase:


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Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that you shot the video at the Bates House.