Friday, May 20, 2011

a plea for help...

I got a call from @KyleCassidy yesterday,
asking me if I had read Michael Zulli's blog--
i was running out the door and stopped and he caught me up on the ailing health of his dogs, resulting in some sudden and staggering vet bills,
and how he put out a call for commissions so that he could pay for this emergency dog surgery.

Kyle said:Kitty, can't we help him?
and i thought, we sure can try....

This weekend, ANYTHING bought at the Neverwear store will 100% go to Michael's emergency dog fund.
If you have been waiting to buy something there--go now.
i repeat: anything you buy this weekend will go directly to Michael's aid.

Look at beautiful Gert, after her last surgery.

Here is how Michael described the photo:

This is a photo of Gert after her last operation last November. This latest operation will have been her third in two years. She's an Aussie blue healer. Right now she has four stints draining watery blood and dead matter from her belly and chest.

*me again, those words chill me to my bone, animals suffering is much too hard to take.

Also, if you prefer, you can commission Michael to do a painting for you--
see HERE for details.

and if you just want to give a tenner, use this button, it will go directly into their bank account--
you are a star, reaching out to help someone is the best thing you can do in these times.


Curio Theatre said...

Many hands make light the work! Thanks Kitty.

Kitty Cat said...

you are lovely, little Curio Theater!
sometimes we all need a little hand, eh?

genghiscon said...

My first dog, Zip, was a Blue Healer my parents bought two weeks before I was born. When we were three, he kept me from drowning in a pond by pulling on my jacket hood as the mud sucked me in. He never stopped chasing cars in his 14 years and always slept beside me. Here's to Gert's speedy recovery!

spacedlaw said...

Poor critter! I've sent a little something.