Friday, November 27, 2015

NEW! dreamy David Mack/Neil Gaiman mash-up plus a reprinting of WISH.

This dreamy watercolor by David Mack perfectly illustrates Neil's words "A book is a dream that you hold in your hands."

We are offering this limited edition full color print in an easily framable size of 8.5" x 11".

Printed right here in Hollywood, California.

Get it on the presale price of $25 or buy it with the second edition WISH print for only $35. This sale will be up for the next four days until Dec 1, 2015. Also I posted a 10% code on the blog/twitter/instagram. follow me for these little money-love-bombs. (@neverwear on twitter etc) (easy access for code, which you enter at checkout: Readerlove10)

(NOTE TO ADD: PRESALE PRICE IS OVER, but still offering both prints for a deal at $40)

I love that she is floating with cats while reading.

also here is the second run version of Neil's New Year's Wish print also done by David. We did sell out the entire run last year....this print will have a run of 1000 at a size of 11" x 17".

all sold unsigned with the Neverwear stamp embossed.


so grateful for these two visionaries.

a portion of the money collected will go to THE GAIMAN FOUNDATION, Neil's support of the art community, they do a great funding of the CBLDF as well-- and another portion will go to BLACKJAGUARWHITETIGER, a big cat reserve in Mexico.

We will be ahead of the game this year as I am NOT ON TOUR! We expect to get the prints in about ten business days, and will have the labels and tubes all prepped beforehand.

feel free to ask any questions:

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