Saturday, January 24, 2009

CORALINE press junket part 1

for all you sun-starved wintery people, a view from the hotel where the CORALINE press junket kicked off. I can hear the waves crash on the is gorgeous, just a bit breezy and 68* F.

before the rounds began, our hero got what is called a bit of "grooming". It has long been my personal opinion that if NG hadn't hit the genius lottery and he was just, say, a punk rock record store owner, juggling his rent check and getting his cell phone turned off intermittently, he still doesn't need very much grooming. Looking good, boss. And our stylist guy Tyson really agreed, calling him very low-maintenance, in that tone, where you know, maybe this isn't normally the case in Hollywood. Cathy, who is having a bit of coffee in the background, was the Universal rep, who didn't drop the ball once. Thanks, girl. She's off next to Toyko---

In spite of what the term "press junket" might conjure for you--- for me, vaguely covert operations, with a bunch of steno pads thrown in---the word "junket" just has the whiff of illegal danger, maybe a lost weekend.
Not so. It is iPhone/Blackberry-toting good-natured reporters coming from all points on the globe, to meet in hotel rooms and fire questions at the principals involved in the film.

we began with France and headed south to Brazil and north to Finland etc.
lots of Australians roaming around.
As always, I learn so much while sitting and waiting (this time perched on the edge of a hotel bathtub, with big Pelican cases for the video gear stowed in by my knees).
Neil was telling the Brazilian lady that 20 years ago, her countrymen were the first to put SANDMAN into reprint. He likened Brazil his first favorite girlfriend, which delighted the lady.

of course, the crew filming and doing the coordinating were a little loud as these things happen, so i got posted outside on "shhhhh" duty, and was very librarian-esque with my stern glances. Felt like my little librarian Mom-- ahah...

here Immanuel from France gets a little scribble in his book.

the hotel got a few black marks for bad behavior this morning, which I shall not detail here, but I gave it a gold star on the cute rooms and the good carpeting.
Here is a little Coraline promo poster, I am so ready to see the finished film---
Wednesday night!


Dragonsally said...

Pleased to see that the round table interviews really were at a round table :)
Australians were there and no-one took me on the junket? Shame on them.

Dragonsally said...

Tickytick box

ivenotime said...

sob, tear, 68 degrees....what, was there something after's so cold here i have to keep the faucet running all night so the pipes don't freeze.

sillies and ruminations about Winter from Hell aside, the press junket looked quite cool! neat to see how some of these things work, for those of us not involved in the film industry. you go girl, with your stern stare -knock 'em dead.

FabulousLorraine said...

Warm, sunshine and as much press as you can eat! You go girl, call me if I can help, but looks like you are SET and rocking!

Reta said...

omg i want the poster. great insight!rre

Dan Guy said...

Sounds like quite a time! Don't let any international journalists abscond with the boss.

vampi said...

the poster is way cool.

good luck wuth the junket. awesome that day one went so smoothly.

Na said...

Good wishes that the rest of your junketing goes so well, and that you don't have to employ The Glare too much. Unless you want to, of course. ;)

P.S. Got our Saucers poster just fine, and I love the paper, as well as the story and art and print and everything about it.

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Thanks for the great write-up, I love the description of you "boss" as punk rock record store owner ;-)

ariandalen said...

Glad most things went well. :)
Here's to only minor, if any, problems for the rest of the junket!

AletaMay said...

Sounds like you have everything well in hand Kitty! I would love to see a photo of you doing your librarian look!

lauriepants said...

I thought Lorraine was Neil's assistant. Where is she?

Kitty Cat said...

hello everybody,
i am back home after a great evening.
Laur-pants, after several years of unsuccessful cloning experiments on Lorraine, we decided maybe Boss needed two assistants. She will ever and always be numero uno. I just pitch in when he leaves the comfort of the mansion.
xo more reporting from the front lines soon, selina-Kylie says it is bedtime.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lowdown Kitty!

Marjorie said...

Thanks for writing it up, and well done for keeping it under control - must be fascinating to watch, but almost as exhausting for you as for Boss. Hope it continues to go smoothly. (And that Boss eventually got fed, before he went to sleep)

Lindsey Joyce said...

I like the juxtaposition of the creepy black backdrop and the white walls behind screaming "hotel!", and just out the window beautiful sunshine and an inviting blue pool.

I'm sure you made an excellent stern librarian. Thanks for the update!!

Dread Val said...

Quiche said to come give you love, and who am I to disobey our Queen of Dork? ;) Did you still want to have coffee soonish? Even though you have someone else for the site, there are still shirt design ideas to be talked about and general silliness to be had. I nearly sent you a text message yesterday before remembering you were Bosswrangling and thus busy.

Hope you and all at the Treehouse are well!