Tuesday, January 6, 2009

stars in my eyes....

this was on the big world wide interweb today:

a SAUCERS plug from Joe Hill

thank you, dear Joe.

when I was processing orders last night for Neverwear,
i saw there was an order from Joe and I had a little moment. a little oh-my-godzilla moment...

Joe is the author of
Heart Shaped Box what is sure to be a huge film soon...
he is also the son of "Uncle Stevie" King .

(My sweet little Irish librarian mother loves to tell the story of my two favorite authors growing up being Dumas and King.)

so..... i emailed Neil and said: yeeeba deeba, ya ya ka-blah etc etc and the gist of his answer was: yes, I sent him one, Joe is ordering one to give as a gift,
and whyncha go look at his blog, but naturally, all crafted in his elegant British wordage.

on Jonas Brothers tour this summer, we all read Heart Shaped Box. you should too...

Judas "Jude" Coyne, wonder who shall play him....
I do see that the wonderful (also Irish) Neil Jordan is slated to direct the film interpretation. Jordan directed one of my favorite 80's werewolf/puberty films The Company of Wolves.

ok, back down to earth now.

another winner of the Graveyard Book contest:
Sylwia all the way from Poland has decided to use her art school portfolio as a walking billboard for the Graveyard Book cover, shown here:

here she is leaning on her mobile ad unit...

she says people always stare at her large grey case on the subway, and she will recommend the book to the curious.
Isn't this cover hauntingly beautiful?

thanks for your creative solution, Sylwia, and I still have more posters, little readers...
send your entries (include photos please!) to furrytiger@gmail.com

ps for a real treat, go see Neil's blog for sneak previews of the stunning Andy Kubert art, featuring Batman and miss Selina Kyle herself...meeeeooooow!


Jouniac said...

Holy crap-o!

It seems sacrificing ale and honey and pigs blood to ancient Finnish gods really works, eh?



Dan Guy said...

Awesome plug!

Kitty Cat said...

you know, i really Did feel a teensy bit faint...
i am laying off the honey mead.
(and no more pig's blood, JK)

Letter to a Friend said...

I gots me my poster, and right after that I saw that Gaia Online is now advertising Coraline!