Wednesday, December 31, 2008

among other things, swedish vampires

The SAUCER prints are now all shipped, we have sold about 500 of the 750 and we at Neverwear would love to hear your feedback on them.
Dave, one of our customers new to my old hometown of Baltimore, reports that his print arrived and he loves it--he also sends wishes that we weather the Economic End of days, which made me laugh. It is so good to hear from the world. We got a beautiful message from Benita from Anchorage, Alaska: "May Amun Ra walk between you and all darkness in your path." My personal favorite was a thank you from one of our customers Brandon in Utah, who got the gemstone bracelet bonus, he tells me that it is now one of his favorite possessions. That means so much to me.

In fact, I did send some of you jewelry IOUs since we got so many orders, I was a bit swamped and didn't want to delay the shipments. So there are many who will have the bracelets coming under separate cover. A new year surprise... I put myself through college without student loans with my gemstone jewels, so it is a return to my roots...I made the necklaces for Tori's Beekeeper tour, here is a photo of her modelling one of the three designs we sold on that tour.

To celebrate getting all the prints shipped, Drew took me to see the movie I have been hearing so much about, a film from Sweden, "Låt den rätte komma in" or "Let the right one in" in English. A little trivia, the title refers to a Morrisey song... If it is playing near you, go see it. I can't stop thinking about it. It is haunting and gorgeous....take a look....



Dan Guy said...

maa - na seru setau
(I shall see the holy things hidden,)
sem - kua er seru amennu
(I shall pass through the holy rites hidden,)
maa - na enti am
(I shall see what is there,)
au t'et - a t'er aaau Su
(shall my words complete the majesty of Shu,)
Xesef - sen at
(they shall repulse the moment.)

Egyptian Book of the Dead (Ani papyrus)

Marjorie said...

I have the book (by John Ajvide Lindquist) but had no idea it had been made into a film. Must see if I can find a showing.

Oh, and my Saucers have arrived, thank you so much!

Lindsey Joyce said...

My Saucers was waiting for me in my mailbox upon my return home from Baltimore (I'm also from Baltimore, but in WV for graduate school). I was so excited to open it! Tomorrow I have a special trip planned to the local framer to have it nicely framed. Come Monday the 12th (when school is back in session), it will brighten up my otherwise dreary and windowless graduate student office!

Thank you so much! It is perhaps even more gorgeous than anticipated.

Kalipha Linden said...

Delurk here also! Probably a more appropriate place given the topic.

Well, I've received my Saucer print here in rainy rainy Rochdale England (plus my now much-worn Anansi t-shirt and most lovely little-black-star bracelet). All are wonderful, thank you for the hard work. Now I have the oh so painful task of deciding the colour of the mount for framing said print. I'm thinking the salmon red from panel two, unless anyone have better ideas?

Kitty Cat said...

i love the idea of Salmon red, but my heart lives with the green genii panel....