Friday, December 5, 2008

NEVERWEAR thanks you....with some specials...

We are running a little holiday spirit special...

When you buy any NEVERWEAR teeshirt:

(like this GRAVEYARD BOOK babydoll being modeled by
the amazing Amanda Palmer )

Amanda Palmer

you will receive a FREE handmade gemstone
, made by me, Kitty...our gift to you.

it is made with glass sead beads from Japan, Svarowski Austrian crystals, garnets from India,
woven with love & magic. I then "clear" the gems by burning sage and whispers, so that it is ready for your own personal imprint.
Garnet has long been thought the stone of passion, worn to stir the blood.

I call this the "phone-ringing-off-the-hook" stone, get ready for some attention!
They are sized to fit the average size wrist (7-7.5") but feel free to drop me a note with special
size needs, I make them-- not robots--- so you can get what you want...

garnet bracelet

you CAN also purchase them, if you like. They are under "Kitty's Treasures" in the NEVERWEAR store.
I will be putting more things up, like treasures from past tours,
other jewels, one-of-a-kind specials, my glass comic-book magnets....check back often...

a FREE Beowulf promo hat (officially licensed promo-not for sale)
with purchases of fifty dollars of Neverwear..while supplies last...

Beowulf promo hat



Dragonsally said...

oh you temptress...

madjakk said...

had trouble contacting you via neverwear site (i kept getting an error message when i tried to send):

i need more information on the sizing of the 'i believe' tee shirt. my friend typically wears a men's medium (which is snug but not too snug). please advise. muchísimas gracias. (jakki[at]thejakkit[dot]com)

p.s. love your products; well done.

Realmcovet said...

Amanda Palmer is one big ball of hotness. *Gets out scissors again*

I LOVE your jewelry!!

Dread Val said...

I will take my shirt photo tomorrow after I get my hair cut… which, incidentally, I will be doing very near your place! Hey, that gives me an idea… I'll email you.

Dan Guy said...

The hat is quite nice, he says from personal experience...

Kitty Cat said...

my internet went crackers last night,
but now i am back on.
Madjakk, you must have a firewall issue?
I am getting email and orders with no problem,
if you want to reach me alternatively, please use: and we can figure something out.
The medium is a true medium, check Hanes Beefy T for reference---if that helps.
and Danth, only 4 hats left!! yipes.

FabulousLorraine said...

LOVE seeing the photos of everyone in Neverwear!!!!

More photos!

(More tea! To darn early!)