Monday, December 29, 2008


Now that the big batch of beautiful Jouni/Neil SAUCERS prints are all shipped out, I can return to some paused projects...

Awhile back Neil announced a little contest for the most creative ways to promote The Graveyard Book
and I have gotten some interesting emails...some great, some very creative, but almost none with a photo to illustrate their cleverness...conversely, one entry, which was adorable, from Mallory in New Bedford, Mass, asks that her photo of the sixth grade class she's been reading Graveyard Book to, stay off the interwebs, because they are minors...I completely understand...

I still have some posters and BPAL scents and tshirts to give away.
Please let me see what you have been up to.

and happy new year, it is going to be Coraline-icious.

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