Wednesday, December 9, 2009

post offices & glittering jewels...

The Jim Lee/Neil prints are on their way to you! My apologies for the miscalculation on timing, my printer was closed for a long stretch over Thanksgiving and that threw my shipping schedule off.

To thank you, I posted a $5.00 off coupon code (just enter: happy_kitty) that is good until Dec. 31, 2009.
I appreciate your support and patience, you lovely people.

The prints turned out beautifully, printed on 100% recycled paper, I thought the 100 Words death theme would be best on something recycled. The little flecks and fibers turn up in unexpected spots. Jim's pencil strokes are simply stunning. I am also so pleased with Todd Klein's lettering, now that I can see it at appropriate size.

my post office loves me, but the other customers, maybe not so much...

I shipped all over the world today. (Marjorie, that's yours with the orange dot!)

Some of you know that I am also a jewelry maker... have made jewelry for princesses (Tori Amos) and for queens (Madonna). My glittery beaded gemstone jewelry put me through college, in fact. Now I shall bring a few pieces here to Neverwear.

Aventurine, the stone of contentment and clarity...these delicate earrings are sure to calm the nerves and soothe any beast...
for those who need motivation!!!

this beautiful oake green, jade-like stone will get you right off your couch and having you dancing through your days.

Tibetans used to polish this translucent gemstone into eyeglasses.

I bought these glass leaves while I was making the Tori Amos jewelry on the Beekeeper tour, they were carved in Czech Republic. The crystals are Swarvoski from Austria. The earwires are hypo-allergenic gold-filled.

$22.95 includes a glossy black jewelry box and free shipping to anywhere in the US. contact me about overseas shipping.

click on photo to see details:

There are legends that tell of Leopards and stories behind this spotted chalcedony....
They say to carry this stone is to walk with the perception and awareness of the Leopard. They say if the spirit of the Leopard walks with you, you will travel safely.

I don't know who they are. I only know they tell these tales. When you need to see clearly, keep the Leopard close to your skin.

This gemstone looks like a tiny bit of Leopard. Strung on super-strong tigertail cord with gold-fill beads, Japanese seed beads and the finest cut Swarovski crystals, I guarantee them for life...

50% of the profits from this design will go to Great Lakes Bengal Rescue.

Bengal Cats descend from the Asian Leopard Cat and it seems fitting that the Leopardskin Agate will help these cats to find their way to new homes. My heartfelt gratitude to the FabulousLorraine for her service to these amazing majestic cats.

$18.95 includes free shipping in the US, and you can contact me on a good price for any overseas

click on photo for a better view, these jewels are shipped in a glossy black box.

malachite choker (to banish nightmares & induce calm sleep):

pyrite bracelet (the money drawing stone):

tigerseye is the stone of friendship:

glittery jewelry HERE
(ideal time to use your five dollar off coupon!)


FabulousLorraine said...

Have I told you lately how cool you are?????

Kitty Cat said...

ah Quiche, why amen't i snowed in with you at Spooky House?!

bengalgirl said...

Wow, thank you very much, what a generous offer. The earrings are beautiful and the story wonderful.

spacedlaw said...

All great stuff!

I wonder about what one might see through a looking glass made of adventurine.

Marjorie said...

Harrah for shipping stuff (and I feel so special to have my very own orange dot!)

The jewellery looks gorgeous, too, you temptress..

Dan Guy said...

Happy Kitty? Happy Dan Guy! All we love coupons.

EmilyLady said...

Your jewelry is really lovely. I also make jewelry but it's mostly plastic and glass. Fun anyway. I think I have some sparkly amber but nothing marvelous ... good fun, though.

vampi said...

i got my poster yesterday! it is spectacular. thanks so much.