Tuesday, December 22, 2009

a little Neil mailbox, some Gaga & la Cher

things have been moving at top speed, but don't they always...

Neil got more than a few holiday wishes,
look at this beautiful pile-up from an elementary school in Pico Rivera, California.

a mini-styling kit came from Ying Jin in Brooklyn, for our favorite on-the-go author,
with the most delicate of cards:

Neil gets all manner of books sent to him, on widely varying subjects, from all points on the globe.
He can't read them all, nor can he promise to. The old adage springs to mind, "you can't judge a book by its cover"--
however in this case, this new book by Rhys Thomas, sure looks interesting, holiday red & made to look old & beat-up, I plan on reading it before sending it on. Hope that's ok, Boss!

and not only did the folks at The Onion send over a coffee-table beauty, they attached a 50 cent coupon for Neil's use at Joe's Cold Beverages.
(I tell you, I hunted for the cents symbol on my MacBook, nope, don't see one):

I made many trips to my local postoffice, sending out the little shiny green envelopes of love. I forgot how much I loved to make jewelry, thanks to all of you who ordered! And the Bengals thank you too. Many of you forgot to use your five dollar off code, it is still good until December 31st, just enter: happy_kitty when you go to check out.

Look at this great photo Neil took while holding the Jim Lee 100 Words print:

we had a couple shipping misshaps, but they seem to mostly be reaching destinations, everything has been shipped out now, and after the 20th, I can't positively guarantee arrival for Christmas. I do try to keep the shipping charge low, while finding pretty packing material to perk up my postal carriers...Let me know how your experience goes. There is a review section, which I have noticed Neil reads with interest from time to time. I post all reviews, good and bad, because he does like to know how things are going.

We got a spectacular letter yesterday from one Rick Woolford, and our Fabulous Lorraine blogs it in her hilarious styleHERE

speaking of FabLo, I can reveal her holiday gift (not any sort of dustbin or calculator!!) to be tickets for her and Maddy to see the ever-surprising Lady Gaga. They have to travel for the show, but I feel they will have some sort of tea-fueled adventure in January.... a G-rated Thelma & Louise adventure without the the car scene, ok, maybe scrap that analogy...

At any rate, I went to Vegas to visit Drew, who is working on Gaga's tour. I am doing some of the dates, working the VIP fan club ticketing, which is an event onto itself. Her fans, or "monsters" are amazingly creative, look at this necklace:

her show does not disappoint:

here is a picture of a very-tired looking boyfriend, the crew is working triple-time to keep up with the daily changes:

Miss AFP did a fantastic little ukelele song about herself, Gaga & Madonna, in response to what sounds like many conversations with Neil, but it seems to have been removed, hmmmm I wonder why?
edited to note, that I got word from BOTH Neil and Amanda, to the tune of yes, Virginia there IS a video link:

@neilhimself: @neverwear Wow. The @amandapalmer Youtube Gaga thing is still definitely up: HERE

I have to wind this up, but I must say, I went to the Cher show at the Colosseum in Caesar's Palace, she dropped my jaw, it was one of the best shows, and I have seen many shows. My friend Steve runs her lighting deck, and Cher, in her unmistakeable style told him, he could light a toilet and make it look glamorous. He got me a great seat, thank you Steve!
no cameras allowed, and I am glad, it meant I gave her my full attention, which she deserved.

last thing I will say, Vegas is a funny place, not my favorite, but it grows on a girl. I rarely gamble, but I saw this Alien slotmachine at the airport as I was flying home, I bet my one dollar and won 8.98. The payout lady said, who wants pennies, and gave me the full nine dollars...I believe 2010 will be one lucky year!


vampi said...

oh the green envelopes are brilliant. it's so exciting to see in the mailbox.
vegas is weird. it's not what i expected when i went last year, and i don't gamble.

must be fun opening up all of the weird stuff neil gets. thanks for sharing.

Dragonsally said...

Poor Drew looks nearly asleep on his feet!
Not that Quiche and Maddy didn't love you already, but tickets to Lady Gaga - way to go Kitty!

FabulousLorraine said...

You are the BEST Kitty EVER! Maddy and I are so beyond excited to see Lady Gaga!!!!! Going to be a good night....

I am greedy tho, it would be PERFECT if you were going to be there too, not that we don't love Drew, we do , LOTS, but still wish you were going to be there....

One of the things I am gladest about too, is that so much of the mail does go to Kitty now. (Tho it is really fun opening it, I agree)

I am gearing from people who bought the Bengal Jewals and are loving them! I need one too...
Walk with Leopards.....

vampi said...

you know i haven't gushed on and one about my begal bracelet, but i haven't taken it off since i got it. it is beautiful.

Stratos Bacalis said...

You're getting to work with Lady Gaga? Great!!! I'd love to see one of her live performances! Alas, I do not think Greece is in her itinerary anytime soon.
Have the merriest ever Christmas and the Happiest New Year

spacedlaw said...

I had difficulties finding me way to you on a strange computer but that was well worth the hunt for Neverwear.

EmilyLady said...

What a lovely treat for Quiche. And Maddy too.

Kathy said...

Tried to use the $5 coupon, but it says it expired. On my calendar, Dec. 31st is a few eeeks more away. No year attached, so what's up with that?

Kitty Cat said...

Hi Kathy,
there is the 2009 date on the top of the post and all the comments are dated 2009--sorry for any confusion.
happy to send you a five dollar coupon though,
email me @ neverwear@gaiman.net
thanks for reading!