Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a new year, a new Neil mailbox

it's the new year.
I keep writing 2009.
maybe i just like 9's.

Started off the new year with a 10 day cleansing fast.
It wasn't as hard as I thought, but on day nine, I introduced some fruit,
which, I am not sure if it was cheating, but it got me through.
Felt very clearheaded and set my sights on what this new year will bring.
As much as I love to tour, it has been truly wonderful staying home in
the treehouse. It does seem that every time I leave on a tour, everything that I have built up at home
starts to crumble, and i just get locked into the insular world of the tour bus.
stay tuned on this dilemma.

here are my "ingredients" for the 10 day fast, and a photo of the salad that I used to slowly break the fast.
It is such a good break for the digestive system:

so the mailbox turned up some beautiful things for our Neil.
look at this origami Coraline doggy done by Mike from British Columbia:

this stunning book has made me judge it only by its cover because it is sealed,
and I won't open it, but the packaging is so enticing... just look at this!

SIREN By Ben Jelter and Vera Greetea, you can find it HERE

and one for me, the magical and generous folks at Black Phoenix ALchemy Labs put together a little sample kit for this
little kitten, they really amaze me with their consistent quality and altruistic endeavors. Thanks Beth & Ted!!

By the way, during the ten days I was fasting, I stuck close to home and made things, made loads of new comic book magnets.
I will be posting these soon, I just need to know how to post them as singles, WebGoblin, do we know how?? May have to resort to Etsy...thoughts?

Tomorrow I fly to the east coast, will be working the Lady Gaga Radio City shows and hanging out in New York City with Drew.
He had so much fun giving Maddy & Lorraine the backstage tour, which Quiche outlines here.

I will also have some time in Baltimore and at the home of my dynamite parents. A good little post holiday working vacation.
Thanks to all of you who have ordered my jewelry, I will be haunting the bead shops of the big cities to find new ideas.
I only use glass or gemstones, never any plastic, and am like a raven, drawn to shiny objects...


Yoga Gal said...

Girl: I envy your life on the road! Reminds me of my old dancer days! Look forward to reading and seeing the photos on the blog during your many tour of duties!Do you know I never realized why the NFL Baltimore called themselves the Ravens until you posted on your blog a photo of the E.A.Pole gravesite! How dumb can I be?I"m a big fan of yours and your boss.My gothic fandom is one thing my doctor fiance doesn't understand, he's the head of the ER and he sees no poetry or beauty in death. I understand his views but if does add a little tension to our relationship but all relationship has to have some tension! Safe traveling!

on the deck said...

That is the best photo of Maddy and Drew. It's a New Year!!!!

ariandalen said...

Oooooo, that is a gorgeous book! Looks interesting. Thanks for the link. :)

And ravens/corvids aren't the only creatures that are attracted to the shiny...dragons are known to collect shinies, too. ;)

Have fun on the East Coast!

Marjorie said...

Yay! coincidently, I too had a lovely mailbox, and blogged it! I love to see all the great stuff people send for Neil.

Jean said...

Ooh, ooh, ooh, I do hope you find some nice new shinies to share with us. I am lovin' the bracelet, earrings, and necklace (I know you didn't make the necklace, but you had it there for me to order) muchly and can't wait to see what you come up with next. And when you figure out where to post the magnets, I shall have to check them out in terms of birthdays throughout the coming year.

EmilyLady said...

The Lady Gaga concert was a big thing on Quiche's blog. And I think we ALL like number 9. (looks pointedly at Beatles-obsessed brother)