Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dave McKean Feb 2010 art opening in LA

The art opening of Dave McKean was a star-studded affair, a terrific night out.

The day started with a bye-bye BBQ in Elysian Park for our friend Ali who was leaving for the Jay-Z tour.
We headed out in Ghosty with the top down to the Santa Monica gemshow, happy to report that i did NOT go over my self-imposed budget and look at all the loot I hunter/gathered....

goldstone & abalone & pyrite & hematite & Austrian crystals & Chinese coins & glittery gorgeousness:

then we ate a spicy Thai dinner with Steve & Dani and headed over to the Billy Shire Fine Art to take a look at what Mr. McKean has been working on.
As luck would have it, we met Tom Negovan who curated the show. As he was sharing his vast informed knowledge, he helped me in making my decision on which print to buy.
Somehow, I didn't take a photo of Dave, but here is Matt Kennedy, writing up the sale:

I chose the "M" print for many reasons as well. Fritz Lang's "M" & Peter Lorre's serial killer were childhood inspirations of my own...They are shipping it to me, and I am waiting patiently, as patient as any kitty can be.

Matt had several tattoos of great interest:

Dave looked very handsome in his leather jacket & was the charming host of the evening. I spent much of the evening tracking him down to introduce him to various fans, as he went around the room photographing the event.

Scotch goodness Grant Morrison & Dave:

The packed house can be seen here:

here is Cesar Haro & Stephanie Leonidas (the beautiful star of Mirrormask):

a little teeny photo of Kristan & I:
(thanks to Cesar for letting me use these photos)

next installment, we go to the Playboy Mansion on Valentine's Day proper!
here's a preview:


Dragonsally said...

Envy Envy Envy...of the jewelery and the exhibition.

Marjorie said...

Sounds great! And very envious that you got to see the paintings - the ones Dave McKean posted pictures of were amazing.

spacedlaw said...

I am waiting eagerly to see the jewelry that will come out of this shopping spree. Chinese coins!

vampi said...

ooh shiny:) i've never been to a proper gem show. looks like you found some awesome :)

those tats are v. cool.

Li Hua said...

(It's me, Emily.)

Sounds like great fun, all of it ...