Saturday, February 13, 2010

SF, the Magic Castle, love hearts & Dave McKean...

After I dropped Neil at the airport, I stopped by the Pearl Art Supply on La Cienaga that was closing down,
hopeful for some art deals.
Was very sad to get to the glitter aisle (always my first stop!)
to find, I was too late...

but i was able to get all of this for a measly twenty american bucks:

nothing like a fresh new pencil...

this week, i flew up to San Francisco for an interview for my new tour.
it was fast and furious and I was back just after dark.
Got to see my friend Sherri for a vegan dinner and good conversation,
she left the tatters of LA for a terrific new home in the Mission.
SFO is one of my favorite airports in the continental US, always has something interesting to see,
their penny slot display was four star. They have a display of old saxophones

Back in town, we got together with Crow Garrett a magician that I see as the real-life Shadow from AMERICAN GODS. (except for the jail part) He took us to the elusive Magic Castle on the hill. Full of secret passageways and magician lore history, we fell in love with the place over and over. From the ghost of Irma playing the piano, to the love heart juggling Lindsay Benner, we respected the strict no-photo rule. (even though it was so tempting)
These were taken outside:

i think my favorite was the secret door where you say "open sesame" and a bookcase opens to let you in to the main bar room.

Last night, we walked over to our neighborhood gallery to see the one and only Dave McKean:

he was signing work I had never even seen, look what he painted, my new treasure:

thanks Dave!

tonight he is showing at the Billy Shire Fine Arts in Culver City , I just did an email blast through my contacts, making sure everyone knows to come out tonight...

tomorrow is Valentine's Day and the Playboy Mansion! another full report soon....


FabulousLorraine said...

-I- don't have a signed Dave McKean! You must have done something VERY good!

The more I hear about this Magic Castle, the more I really want to go.

Love your photos too, as ever, come back to the Spooky House SOON, and take some more, Lear misses you so!

Marjorie said...

Oh Wow! The Maic Castle sounds intersting, but meeting up with Dave McKean is what I'm really envious of!

I have a couple of his pictures - real treasures, which I have absolutely no regrets about buying, even tho' I couldn't really afford to buy them when I did! I've never had the opportunity of meeting him, though.

spacedlaw said...

What a wonderful drawing!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time tomorrow Cat, sorry about the glitter. But I do love the Mckean drawing for you

vampi said...

wacko! i <3 that store.
i second sfo as a great airport, i had a doozy of a layover/delay and enjoyed the strange displays.

that is a really swell drawing. way cool. i can not wait to hear all about the mansion.

Dragonsally said...

Boy, you and Marjorie are given me Dave McKean picture envy.
The Magic Castle sounds incredible.

Yoga Gal said...

May you and Andrew enjoy a very romantic Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year! May you enjoy an awesome Year of the Tiger!

EmilyLady said...

I like art shops, too. For me, though, it's the beading isle and they're usually pretty well-stocked. Of course it depends on the shop ...

Kitty Cat said...

Quiche, you OF COURSE deserve a signed D. McK.
Marjorie, what did you get of Dave's? his work is evolving and incredible. would love to see---
we are giong BACK to MAgic Castle for dinner this week, full review soon--
and little Emily, yes, usually my art shops are fully stocked too, this was a store closing down (am sad about that!)

cookie said...

Ah Dave McKean! Tres magnifique! :)

How sad that all the glitter was gone.