Sunday, March 20, 2011

Michael Zulli gallery opening last night

So many people came out to see the work of Mr. Zed up close and personal.
Even the full full moon.

Here our artist is photographed in front of his pieces...

Michael and show curator Ryan Graff:

we all love miss Pam:

my Mother in law & Rod:

Michael gave out beautiful long-stem red roses to the crowd..

and for those of you who didn't look down, a detail of the sharp-dressed man's blue suede shoes.

only a few hours left to get in on the Kickstarter graphic novel project:

and lastly, Michael's print of Neil's beautiful-and-still-unpublished poem IN RELIG ORAN
goes back up in price tonight (Sunday) at midnight west coast time, save yourself a tenner in ordering it today:


Marjorie said...

It looks wonderful!

spacedlaw said...

Oooh, blue suede shoes!