Friday, September 30, 2011

The Trevor treasure chest...opening soon.

Anyone who has ever read Neil's blog owes a small token of gratitude to Mister Trevor Valle.
Trevor is the one who, years ago, bought the domain and held it for Neil until which time he was ready to take it over.
For decades, Trevor has accumulated other Neil-related treasures, and here he is telling you why he is now in a position that he has to sell some of them off.
In the next week, I will be posting many of them for Trevor, over on ebay, things that just can't be found anymore, things that a real value can't be hung upon. Neil may even add to some of the descriptions, (if he has the time!) because some of these things even I have never seen....

meanwhile, I am putting the SuperCabal tees on sale for October! taking ten bucks right off the top for this handsome 100% cotton tee. I have girly sizes and all unisex sizes available--
here's Trevor modelling one (and holding a vintage silkscreened print from the Neil/CBLDF Last Angel tour ---yes, this is one of the treasures to come!)

Trev & last angel print

so...Help Trevor out, be generous and know that these artifacts he's unearthing will not see the light of day again any time soon. I put up a donation button as well, that will go straight into Trevor's paypal account, if you just want to help him out. Stay tuned!


Beez said...

<3 you Walker. Will do what I can.


Beez said...

<3 you Walker. Doing what we can, you deserve good things.

~Beez & Furious

Artguy Chuck said...

*Vibes and Mojo Brother! You are one of the strongest characters I've known, and I imagine good things for you up ahead! Hang tough and know yerr loved!! ~Rock On Amigo!! (And save me some space on your wall. K?)