Wednesday, February 1, 2012

such a joker... DREAMY book bags...& Selina Kyle.

winner and runners-up of the TELL KITTY A JOKE contest:
(send me a mailing address at and include your twitter name , please!)

MY FAVORITE! Winner: @Thiefree
Q: What time does Sean Connery arrive at Wimbledon?
A: Tennish.

@Thiefree, you will receive this dreamy Neverwear Neil bag!

(if you didn't win and wish to own one, CLICK HERE!)

these are the 10 runners-up that will receive Neverwear sticker packs:

great literary joke from @AliKira
@neverwear Joke: Charles Dickens: Please, sir, I'd like a martini. Bartender: Sure thing. Olive or twist?

anything werewolf gets me @MaulieMae
@neverwear what is it called when a werewolf has tourettes? Irritable Howl Syndrome.

spines!! @wonderwoman1100
@neverwear Awesome bag! Here's one from my 7 year old's repertoire: What has a spine but no bones? A book!

hockey and cannibals are both aces in my book: @chrisdriggers
@neverwear did you hear about the cannibal ice hockey game? There was a face off at center ice. #heyoooo

it's like Tyrion Lannister, word play with small people! @Ellerella
@neverwear A pyschic midget escaped from prison, the headlines read "SMALL MEDIUM STILL AT LARGE."

i just loved this one! @mo_ali
@neverwear @neilhimself The cat is out of the bag.

@neverwear @neilhimself Why is everything backward in the popcorn army? Everyone starts out as a kernel.

Somehow I believe this was a home-made joke... @roderick_usher
@neverwear what's morpheus favourite food? Sandwishes!

Ghost Joke! @SupportBones
@neverwear Q: In what do young ghosts write their homework? A: Exorcise Books

This was very clever, how have i not heard this one?! @Hapfairy
@neverwear What's the definition of a dyslexic, agnostic insomniac?
Someone who stays up all night wondering if there's a dog or not.


a side note on Miss Selina Kyle, our crime-fighting super-kitty. She came to us from the midwest, where Neil and his amazing assistant @Fablor rescued her from kitty jail, ok, actually the Humane Society. Lorraine kept Selina for awhile (she was then named Kali) but living with several Bengals wasn't her scene. She came with me to live the Hollywood high life.
miss Kyle got many twit-wishes, I pulled a few of my favorites:

@neverwear no kitty, no deal.

@neverwear may I please please please have the cat? It's so pretty and I would give it cheeseburgers & love it forever. I have enough bags.
Here is Miss Kyle's first appearance on the internet when she was but a wee kitten posing Halloween-style in Neil's kitchen, from Neil's 2008 blog entry:

and here she was the other morning, letting me know, we AREN'T getting up just yet.

(i have got to clean that bookcase...)

Up soon, a new Neil mailbox, an update on Christopher Salmon's THE PRICE progress and some Neil dollars to give away--
(dollar design beautifully done by Mr. Salmon, Neil's dollar portrait by P. Craig Russell who is doing a glorious Kickstarter project with Wayne Alan Harold, 18 days left! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO!)

Happy February, readers. xox