Monday, February 20, 2012

so much Neil mail...& Kitty back on the road.

In between packing for tour and writing, I photographed some of the latest from Neil's mail box.

The fabulous VOLTAIRE (who we love) sent Neil a whole batch of new music...


a delicately drawn little zine from Amy...


I love the name of this band...

The holiday mail brought this to Neil from the lovely Pagels, who were Fame & Fortune at House on the Rock American Gods event, they sent him a glass Cornish pasty beautiful!


The same holiday mail did NOT bring mister Brian Apodaca's CONJUNCTIONS print, so I had the luck to go deliver his print in person, he is my talented neighbor that draws these titles, I especially love the Cliffnotes nod on the cover:


oh miss Olga Nunes, you dreamboat. I got my Kickstarter LAMP incentives recently, and I really can't wait to use my Message in a Bottle kit.


To see more from @OlgaNunes, one of our national treasures, please CLICK HERE.
she's who tipped us off to Allan Amato who took this astounding photo of mister Drew:


thanks again, Allan, you photomaster. If this headshot doesn't get him on Game of Thrones, well...I don't want to know.

I have many more mailbox arrivals, but will post from tour. Yes, I am going back out on tour, just a short run with Maynard from Tool, who has an amazing solo project, Puscifer. CLICK HERE FOR THE PUSCIFER TOUR DATES.

Which brings us to the fact that I will be gone for 28 days...orders will be a bit delayed. I do have a Neverwear elf coming in, but there may be a small delay. The orders that come in for over $5, will receive this NEIL dollar (drawn by P. Craig Russell and art-directed by Christopher Salmon. There will be a code on the back that will take the fiver off the next order. Collectible!


and lastly, in the spring we will have two very different prints coming from two very different artists. I am in awe of both.
Olivia , that gorgeous force of nature, has illustrated one of Neil's poems, and David Mack, of Kabuki fame, who also draws the Dexter video shorts, has designed a tattoo around something Neil wrote. Stay tuned for more on both of these eye-poppers.
We all got together at La Luz de Jesus recently, art atoms and molecules everywhere...
a genuine dynamic duo!

along with the new prints, we should have the re-vamped Neverwear site.
It's gonna be one crazy springtime over here.


spacedlaw said...

Have a great tour!
Wonderful picture of Drew

vampi said...

have an awesome tour!
that pic of Drew is WOW.
what a fun mail bag, i love your descriptions. i find so many neato things by following you and checking stuff out <3

Marjorie said...

That picture of Drew is fantastic!
Have fun on tour. x

kate mckinnon said...

Drew Of Thrones!!
travel safely, and enjoy your mini-tour.

Stacy Hurt said...

out of lurking to say I totally LOL'd at the GOThrones photo. YES! Totally! But which character??? Hummmmmm...

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