Tuesday, March 6, 2012

day off in Kansas City..

yesterday on a day off in Kansas City, I went to their premiere theater.

The line up of films showing was less than stellar. In fact, there was NOTHING i wanted to see, but I had it in my mind, i was going to see a movie and that was it.

plus, the popcorn was popping right there in the lobby….


I spent my afternoon with the new Captain Kirk, Tracy Flick and the cute guy from RockaRolla, aka the new Bane. Can you guess what I saw?

good news, it wasn’t the worst film ever.

Tom Hardy, you are a beautiful creature.

meanwhile in Neverwear business, we will be revealing the NEIL GAIMAN/OLIVIA team up this coming weekend. (I will be on a bus barreling to Canada with this tour...!)
I promise to put up a new post soon, time is flying.
Here are the Neil dollars being born....

every order that has been made since I have been gone gets one of these complete with code on back to take five bucks off anything, save them for your Olivias...!

here is a shot of our stage in Pittsburgh, the shows are brilliant...

photo by Eric Fox.


spacedlaw said...

Lovely theater

Marjorie said...

The theatre looks great! Sorry you didn't have more fuin on your day off, though.