Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Collaboration between Olivia and Neil Gaiman

It was my great pleasure to meet Olivia, that gorgeous pin-up artist deluxe, at a book-signing last winter.
When I blogged that I wondered what she would do with a poem of Neil's, to my amazement, she answered me via Twitter.
(you can follow her here: @OliviaPinupArt)

We began a beautiful collaboration and I am enjoying every minute of this clever and talented woman.

Created by Olivia to illustrate and accompany POEM.
This poem was written by Neil Gaiman, a piece in which he marvels over the mysteries of what might be under a woman's clothes...

The print is hand-torn, printed on rag paper,
all done here in the good ol' US of A.

Size: aprox. 10" x 27.5".

We have a very limited number of prints
which have been hand-signed by both Olivia and Neil.
They are also each hand-embossed with each artists seal--here is a close-up of the emboss/signatures:

The edition is open-ended at this time, we have printed a very small run to debut at WonderCon this coming weekend in Anaheim. Olivia will be there at Booth #924 signing, and personalizing the prints. (at no extra charge)

Look at this face. I can't stop staring at her!


stay tuned for my interview with miss Olivia, an artist I have admired since my kittenhood.
She's just so damn cool. Her work has appeared world-wide---including countless times in Playboy.
She captures that secret heart of the female form, in such a way that the viewer is left wanting...more...

here's a photo of Neil holding the print taken this morning by Drew, who you can see in shadow-form in the lower right corner. Hi honey! (this one is signed in the photo and was taken before Olivia has done her signing, they also come unsigned at $80.00)

here is the poem:

I am continually disappointed by nudity

decently covered breasts could look like anything when revealed,

the nipples might be eyes or snake heads or flowers glowing gold,

they might be anything, but never are.

And as for the rest of it, the whole between-the-legs business,

when I was a boy, and simply wondered about women, why back then

it was the mystery of mysteries, 

and now, grown up

I still think,

I wonder what she keeps hidden,down there, beneath that cloth

imagining miracles and mysteries and dreams

conjuring secret mouths and lips that smile and sing

craving petals, tentacles and stars,

desiring the unimaginable.
The reality of nakedness

makes me mutter Jesus Christ with delight and awe as well, of course,

but still, the revelation is in its way prosaic. 
Just another gentle biped with bumps and flesh and cleft and hair always looking just

a little bit more awkward and less interesting

than when she wore clothes.

-Neil Gaiman © 2006

To buy this beauty, PLEASE CLICK HERE


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DS-they will be back in, I just ran out of the ones that both Olivia & Neil signed--
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