Sunday, October 28, 2012

new glass candy bars...

modern therapy works!

many new glass candy bars were born in this late October 2012. they all need good homes...

this may be my favorite:


or purple?

A panel from SANDMAN #69 from July 1995 drawn by the flawless Marc Hempel.

a big chunk of moody beauty, that Morpheus. Isn't he most everyone's favorite from the SANDMAN stable of characters? When I read Neil's words coming out of his mouth, I automatically give him a Nick Cave type voice, super slowed down and deep...

those lucky pigeons!!


I make these pieces because every comic panel is a framable mini-artwork. You should see me on the floor with mucked-up comics surrounding me. Some panels,just can't save the whole thing, so I cut out the words and preserve them in another way. Comics just heal every wrong. I also use recycled packaging to firm up the panels, this one gots microwave popcorn on the back. They are all different!


If anyone is late to the party, these magnets are my last-ditch effort to save my collection of drowned comic books that were damaged in an east coast flood. (yes, never again shall i use cardboard storage boxes...)

I cut recycled glass to fit and then frame the original panels in copper.

...If you are overseas from USA, contact me via twitter (@Neverwear) and we will work out a plan. thanks for supporting the arts-- It is my therapy for so many things. (to see a full report, go to my furrytiger blog. My boss helped saved my soul the other day) NEIL HAS LOTS OF MY MAGNETS... here are (kinda crappy) photos of them living happily in his spooky house:

oh, Thessaly, you crafty goddess. Remember her soon after this, with her knife behind her back, as poor doomed George opens the door? i absolutely flipped when i read this issue. My heart was beating in my chest, like a murder of crows...

She will always be one of my favorite characters, pay attention to this lady. and didn't she breaks someone's heart....yes, yes she did.

this panel is from SANDMAN issue #33, Dec. 1991 in the GAME OF YOU story arc. Art by Shawn McManus.

Photobucket {THIS ONE IS NOT A MAGNET, BUT FOR HANGING ON THE WALL! (if you want it as a magnet, let me know)

Thor, you own my heart. Such a blonde god. He is always getting himself into scrapes and then at the very last minute, he's out again, flinging around that hammer and causing chaos. This word bubble panel is from The MIghty Thor vol. 1 #1 January 1971.

i love that someone (no names...ahem** LOKI) is telling Thor's DAD Odin on him!! Who darest call him a liar?!? (no names...ok, it was LOKI)

this is some more of that vintage glitter wrapping paper that i really don't have but maybe another square foot of. *choke it's all about being able to let go of things, isn't it??




spacedlaw said...

Hmph. You'll have to make some more, Kitty dear: all my favourites are sold out!

Dragonsally said...

My Kitty magnet has pride of place on our fridge. Love it so much.

Kitty Cat said...

ladies!! nice to hear from you-- S-law, i do have LOADS more, it just takes more time to post them, it seems, that it does to make them.
also I think i will be in Italy in Dec...
and D-Sal, send me a photo-- i like to see the little magnets in their new homes...
ps still waiting for my Australia schedule, but i am sure we have a show in Melbourne. CAN"T WAIT.
starting the new year off with TRAVELS!!! xoxox

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You are one rare collector.

Dina Hady said...

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