Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snowflakes, postage & Roman signs the prints.

still tying up loose ends on this last journey to meet with Neil. Boston was so pretty.

Minnesota hotel view after the film shoot.

Neil at the "Prince wall"--it's a Minneapolis thing.

Back at his house, we went through loads of his fan mail, some seriously beautiful things arrived for Neil. This came all the way from Iran:

I took Lola for snowy walks in the middle of the night, sometimes I would scare myself. It is so dark and quiet out there, and I have watched too many scary movies. The snow, though, it was so beautiful and NOT how I remembered our snow growing up. Big fat flakes here, you could seem them shining their six points from so far away, looked like the finest glitter.

When I looked at the photos back in the house, maybe I caught a ghost digitally?

look at what I found in his silverware drawer.

I went around the house photographing old comic book magnets that i have sent him over the years, there are some oldies.

this heartbreaker of a portrait flew with me from LA to live at Neil's big Addams Family manse, Cabal and his Neil. gift from artist MC MATZ, we will see more of this image. She was one of the finalists in our long-ago Cabal contest. Neil was touched to his heart by her gift.

I am sending Mlle. Matz his hand-written thank you tonight.

This is from Annie in SF, I want to do a print or SOMETHING of this. We both loved this letter.

Hans the resident Sherpa got started on his new tattoo, i love it so.

here's me trying to take a photo of the 3rd version of the #MakeGoodArt hats...err...

Get the hats here- the last two rounds sold out fast.

tomorrow I am meeting up with Roman Dirge for some nice non-Valentine time, he will sign the first hundred of the LENORE meets NEIL prints. I said this over on twitter, I laugh everytime I see the print. I love the fireflies and the fact that it looks a little like cartoon Neil has fangs. These signed ones will go out to the first hundred peoples-- IF YOU ORDER THEM IN THE NEXT COUPLE HOURS, THEY ARE ONLY 25 MEASY AMERICAN DOLLARS. Tonight at midnight west coast time, they go up to $38.00 so if you want one, it makes sense to dive in.



Beez said...

Ahhhh....two of my favorites, Neil and Lenore.

Must have, started to order but of course today is the day I left Work II without my bag. You know, the bag I keep my LIFE, including my CC in?

Pbbbbbbt. I shall just have to pay the higher price.

Lovely pictures Kitty.


Marjorie said...

Also, how have I managed to to have heard of Lenore before?

Marjorie said...

*sigh* NEVER to have heard of Lenore.

Kitty Cat said...

Marj- you are in for a treat, that little dead girl has been in print for almost (if not over) 20 years--
Roman is a total character, we are working on a film version of LENORE~!

Beez, my darling, just paypal the 25$ you are family-- or truth is-- i completely forgot to raise the price-- well, shhhhh let's keep it up at 25$ for Valentine's niceness--what goes around, comes around, or some such.