Friday, November 29, 2013

25% off everything in the Neverwear site...

hello loves.
Hope you had a grande time breaking bread with family & friends. I did. First time in perhaps nine years that I have been home and not on tour for Thanksgiving. Many years of holidays while on a tour bus, fun but not the same as being with blood. I am very grateful to have Neil Gaiman for my boss, he has allowed me to stay home & work on projects, a big one being getting Neverwear to the next level.
I am preparing to go visit Neil tomorrow & give him some updates on what we are doing with the website. Recently met with Greg from Likeable Development & got some excellent advice from my "brothers" Jouni & DanGuy. For the next two months, I will have a small pop-up shop as we give a little polish & shine.
Stay tuned for that update soon, probably around Dec 5th.
Meanwhile, several items will be cleared out, discontinued or otherwise shelved. Now is the time to raid Neverwear, and for incentive we are offering 25% of anything in the store.
Use the code: HelpKitty9 at checkout to keep some money in your wallet.
I will leave this code up until Friday, Dec 7th, midnight PST.
for example: 25% off makes this $10.00 Anansi Boys teeshirt $7.50.
Art by the lovely & talented Dagmara Matuszak.
We debuted this shirt at ComicCon 2007, a landmark for us to track the first shirts we ever made. The details are the ones that hooked us. The delicate printing of "Neil Gaiman" on the back of the neck, the Neverwear sleeve mark & the fine spiderwebbed martini glass...amazingly detailed print quality of the fine line artwork of Dagmara.
here is our good friend & magician, CROW GARRETT modelling the Anansi Boys beauty:
detail on back of tshirt neck: Photobucket
These are Hanes' cotton Tees, if that helps any with sizing.
all we have left are smalls, mediums, and larges.

OR you can get the gorgeous OLIVIA/NEIL print that is usually $150.00 signed by both, for $112.00--

The Michael Zulli IN RELIG ORAN prints are going away as are several of the other limited edition prints. Help us clear some space for some new ideas. Take a look around. All my Kitty's treasures will be going away over to Etsy. I'll leave things up for a few more days, while I travel to meet with Neil.
You all have been so kind and supportive over the years, I hope that you'll continue on my journey as we step into the new...Neverwear 2.0!

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Aurelas said...

I really like the Anansi Boys shirt! The bad thing is I don't think I could wear it--my husband is really scared of spiders! lol