Sunday, January 19, 2014

item #19: FREE! all the way from Japan....

Last year, my forever dream of visiting Japan came true. I shall always love the Slipknot camp for taking me there.

definitely some cool cats on that team, and it's great music to clean your house to.

I fell in love with the terrific attention to detail and the turn of phrase that the translation from Japanese to English often brought. I studied Mandarin in college but that sure didn't help me here...

Everything looked bright and new to me. I brought back so many little presents.

The food was, bar none, my favorite of the world, even down to the crazy convenience store eggs, cooked EXACTLY like I like them, I can't wait to go back.

is my visa still good?

to the person who tells me their favorite food of the world, in the comments, I will send this little Japanese note pad, which includes this quote of perfection:

How many do you know the beautiful language which conveys a feeling?

and I'll throw in a free Neverwear pen:

tomorrow: item #20 will be from HOUSE ON THE ROCK, for all my fellow American Gods fans....stay tuned!


Wendy Withers said...

I'm a little surprised there are no other comments... But I do want the notepad and the pen... My favorite food of the world is actually the London version of a kebab sandwich. I went to a lot of kebab shops in the Spitafields/Bethnal Green area when I was there last year and stuffed myself silly.

Kitty Cat said...

ah, kebobs...yes!
I know that my "swallowing diamonds" project is new, so people aren't on it yet, but comments are spread out over the 3 blogs-- after Jan, I am just going to put it on the swallowing diamonds blog only-
less confusion!

Crystal said...

When we traveled to Taiwan I couldn't get enough of the food there. Dumplings and the pineapple cakes are my favorite. :)