Friday, September 25, 2009

a long overdue Neil MailBox...

I almost forgot how to format a blog, it has been so long. my apologies!

This summer Jonas tour was particularly heavy duty. It seems like none of us ever got caught up on much more than the day-to-day living. It was a fabulous crew though, we had a massive good time together.

Directly after the tour ended, Drew & I flew back east for a whirlwind week of Washington/Baltimore/Virginia... I am home now and trying to sort through the GIANT pile of Neil mail that has accumulated.

Neil is back now too, so all timing is wonderful. Will also gather the photos and start up the Neverwear magnet contests again...
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Here are just a few of the beautiful things that have turned up in the post box:

this collection of stories from Serbia sent by Drasko...

there is a stunning sweater with a hidden pixie and hidden kitten in the stitching, 100% wool and sent from the talented Sarah in Santa Monica...she describes the color as "black-as-the-gates-of-hell" and oh, it is a beauty. My photo does it no justice.

from the imagination of John Kovalic comes the extra-cute MY LITTLE CTHULHU complete with mini-minions for him to grip...

Miss Lindsay, one of Neil's most ardent fans, sends this delicate portrait of one of my favorite characters, Matthew the raven:

oh, yes, and look who won yet another award...!

there is much more, including an adorable kittytoy present for Lorraine, but let's not push it, the heat here in LA is unbelievable and all this typing and sitting still is making me dizzy.
I promise, you beautiful readers, to never take this long of a leave of absence.
will post travel photos and tour blog on the FurryTiger site soon.
meanwhile, i will sign off with the grave of Edgar Allan Poe, one of our stops while in Baltimore...