Saturday, July 11, 2015

catching up, back from SDCC.

Hello beauties.

Am just back from ComicCon, where I was working to benefit Neil's Gaiman Foundation and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I cut my weekend there short to get back to this--even missed the Game of Thrones panel (with a saved seat in Hall H)--:(

What a great visit it was, though, saw so many people and found a few amazing new artists to work with in Artist Alley-- stay tuned for these updates when I am finished with ship job, I'll do a photo post.

People are starting to post that their Hope prints are arriving, hurray! However, I am about 3/4 the way through and there are still unshipped orders...

When I posted the print, I tried to be very clear about the fact that it wasn't going to be on my doorstep until at least ten days after announcement, maybe more depending on holiday.

They arrived 3-4 days ago to me. I had to number and stamp them all by hand, which takes a little chunk of time.

That's why we give the 30% pre-sale price, we are bargaining for your patience.

We have been shipping them as fast as possible with 3 full time employees. Even so, we are definitely not Amazon. (how DO they do it?)

Please know we are very grateful to you- suffering a little Irish guilt over here.

Ok! back to the diamond mines. I'll leave you with a faux Thor that I followed until he smiled at me...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

busy in the Treehouse!

Thank you all for your support in this beautiful new Chris Riddell print.

I have orders in from all around the world, (Italy! Ireland! India! Iceland!) the pre-sale went very well.

Am sitting surrounded by tubes and printing out labels from morning to night, my usual elves are out on tour and i will get some help in once the prints arrive, they are being born this week in Hollywood. The 4th of July holiday is going to add a little sparkling firecracker delay, but I'll be ready to ship upon arrival.

I am very hopeful the prints will be here in time to take with to ComicCon where I will be selling other Neverwear items at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund party-- including my comic book magnets!

Come and see me and those lovely people of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab-- I will have lots of Neil-based giveaways as well. (a new line of postcards, you say?)

The CBLDF Welcome Party is the night of July 9th (next Thursday) 8 pm here: The Westgate Hotel 1055 Second Ave, San Diego, California 92101

come by, renew your CBLDF membership, say hi & have a little bite/drink with us.

for more info, look here.

At any rate, I just wanted to put this post up, so I can attempt to not fry out from shipping stress-

Please be aware that Neverwear is not Amazon and I am working around the clock to prep the tubes for shipping, putting love into each and every order with the help of the space battle cats and miss Mittens Selina Kyle- thank you for your kind patience and support.

@CBLDF and The Gaiman Foundation also very grateful for the wild response!

any questions, fire at will: gratefully yours, Kitty (@neverwear on twitter)