Saturday, May 22, 2010

for a good cause...

Getting ready for my cross country trip---it is full of travel up and down the Eastern seaboard, seeing family and friends, and working several of the Conan tour dates.
Neverwear will be run by invisible elves...

Working to get the Cabal postcards ready for summer and making more of my operation rescue comic book magnets. I donated a few of my magnets to DoodleDay, funds go to research and help battle NF. Neurofibromatosis is a genetic disorder that affects one in every 2,500 births.
There is one more day for the fundraiser, Neil & Amanda both donated art to this cause.

Neil’s doodles, of course, are kicking ass.

my 5 watercolors (skulls, spirits, bats, cats & ghosts)

my 3 magnets (IRONMAN, THOR, XMEN)

Neil Gaiman Doodle #1

Neil Gaiman Doodle #2

Amanda Palmer:

And here is the link to NF, Inc.'s eBay Page with all the items:

Sad news, want to say goodbye to my dearly departed little Joey Aspen,
so many people seem to be jumping off this mortal coil lately...RIP sweetheart.

i will leave you with a little photo that miss Red sent me to make my day better.
Kid Rock was the guest on Conan tour date in East Lansing, Michigan.
She had him send me this message...

Friday, May 14, 2010

mid May...

It's a windy evening here in Los Angeles.

This week has been non-stop, trying to get everything ready before I fly east
to do some location scouting and to work some of the Conan O'Brien dates.

(will report on that over at the furrytiger road blog.

Hopeful to have the Cabal postcard sets done in the next week or so.
Brainstorming on The House on the Rock event designs.
Wiping my tears over the late great Frank Frazetta. RIP FF!

Making more of the comic book magnets/mirrors and posting them...
see here a few fresh out of the oven:

i do believe that Destruction might be my most favorite of the Endless...

oh that silly power-hungry Magneto:

and from one panel that was too damaged to save, only Todd Klein's lettering remains. I set on a frosty glitter background..
(and this has lately been claimed by miss Pam, it is going to live with her...)

I am posting these and more HERE.
also if you see one that you like and it is sold, send me an idea of what you like, and i can get close.

will do a Neil mailbox soon, but not tonight, want to get back to posting the newborn little glass magnets.

meanwhile I will leave you with something that really made me happy. Miss Fabulous Lorraine started a bidding war on my
spooky watercolor pieces that I did for Doodle Day, the Gillian Anderson (yes, agent Scully!) NF charity auction:
here are a couple of them:

Sunday, May 2, 2010

another edition of Neil's magnets!

while Neil is off on his travels, I thought i would put up this photo I took last month while we walked in his woods:

here are just a few of the items that made their way to Neil's mailbox:

The first issue of Bull Spec, sent in to Neil by Sam in NC (notice his great postcard):

This beautiful book came in from Jacquelyn of the Pacific Northwest...


the talented ladies of Indianapolis, the Naptown Roller Girls, sent this batch of knitted goodies:

Look at foxy rollerderby queen, Joan of Dark in her Scary Trousers tee...


Jeremy from Ohio sent this terrific photo of baby Lila, surrounded by NRG!

Derek sent his self-directed DVD all the way from Ireland:


and the lovely Louisa of RAVEN BOOKS in Dublin sent me this damaged Coraline graphic novel (which looks like the Hulk got ahold of it...) so I can use it to make my comic book magnets:


look at miss Selina Kyle sitting on the batch of comics from Trisha, more potential victims for my magnets...

am FINALLY posting some of my magnets & mirrors...

if you are new to Neverwear the magnets are my last-ditch effort to save my collection of drowned comic books that were damaged in an east coast flood. (yes, never again will i use cardboard storage boxes...)

I cut recycled glass to fit and then frame the original panels in copper.
go HERE to see them.

so, the May Neverwear sale will be a two-parter.
for any purchase over $10.00, I will throw in a free "dream dangerously" sticker...


and I am putting the Graveyard Book regular tees on sale, from $25.00 to $15.00--
they feature a conceptual art sketch by Neil for the cover of his Newbery Medal winning book.
order it HERE.
see it on Drew...
Drew in a GYB tee
and on Crow..
crow garrett,magician,neil gaiman,neverwear

one month to save ten American can almost get into the movies on that savings...(IRONMAN 2 COMES OUT THIS WEEK!)

i will leave you with a link to our very good news..
and also the first photo released from the new Thor film being directed by Kenneth Branagh: