Monday, October 24, 2011

October skies...

October, always my favorite month, not just because I am born in it...
Halloween, change of seasons, pumpkin patches...

look at the spooky birthday cake Quiche and Boss got for me...

This month has been so busy, I haven't been able to blog it all.
Will post about Foo Fighters, Scream Awards and My Chem soon enough on the Furrytiger
blog, but over here at Neverwear, I want to cover my trip to the midwest with Mister Christopher Salmon,
director of the much-anticipated film, THE PRICE.

We went on a DVD shoot out to Neil's Addams Family mansion, to get some interviews and some exteriors/interiors
for the film. Christopher was very busy recording all the animals--
Lola with her stick:

Princess has special water privileges:

here we are scouting the locations on the grounds...


we took some footage from the cherry picker:




can you find our FabLo?

i had not yet seen the new edition of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK, i love it, simple and elegant, Neil holds it here:


Christopher got a terrific interview with Neil in his writing gazebo:



took several walks in the woods, daytime and nighttime, can't wait to see what Christopher puts together from this trip:


we went to Quiche's roller derby bout and sat behind the "suicide" line, those ladies were fierce...


we cheered for Stunt Double and Arm n' Slam'er and Hell O'Dolly and Velveteen Rogue and all the rest--
(*special shout out to Wright Around Ya from the Harbor City team, what a flashy minx)
oh, the male refs were all over it:


a Very Happy Bout production manager, QuicheMeDeadly with our Boss:


with all apologies to Joan of Dark, Pretty Vicious had to alter her Naptown shirt to reflect the Chippewa Valley Roller Girls!


the real laughs came when we had to fill the cars with the left-over beer:


the next day we did some Bengal investigating at Quiche's Spooky House:


look at King Lear, he has almost no worry left on his royal face, he actually stood on my lap while being fed:


many thanks to Chauffeur Hans for getting us to and from the airport--

a few Neverwear newsflashs:
* many sincere heartfelt thanks to all who made Trevor's Treasure Chest auction a success. He will be needing more support as the bills continue to pile up, I plan on posting some more very rare items on ebay for him, my seller name Kitty9thLife,
please take note!

one item will be the Last Angel silkscreen print by Craig Thompson (super-rare!)
here is our Trevor holding one:

Trev & last angel print

and finally the Molly Crabapple-illustrated print of Neil's haunting poem DESERT WIND is slated to rise in price from $38.00
to $50.00 on November 1st. So! get yours now before the price increase.
Also, I do have a few signed-by-Neil DESERT WINDS as well, they will go up to $100.00 on November 1st--SIGNED PRINTS ARE HERE.

Next post will be after I accompany Neil to the World Fantasy Con, down in San Diego and the not-quite-yet sold-out NEIL AND AMANDA Halloween date in Los ANgeles 10/31 at the Wilshire Ebell.
For tickets, go here.

Happy Halloween, you lovely ghouls and goblins...I am going to be a Wish-Granter.
I promise to make your wishes come true...

Friday, October 7, 2011

TREVOR CHEST up in full effect, y'all...

ON the wise advise of Mistress Mousey, (who this cat has promised not to chase) I staggered these benefit auctions for Trevor, so that there would be a few nights of fast and furious bidding. I just found out I can't bid on my own status, so I am going to have to make a new ebay name, because I AM going after that Beowulf warned, people.

so here are some links for the auctions:
(***we will be putting a few last minute treasures up, so go ahead and set "kitty9thlife" as one of your favorite sellers, so you can see in future what goes up...)

here is a first edition, first printing of CORALINE, Neil has signed it and to add to the magic, he rat-doodled...

one of the most rare, elusive chapbooks! Charles Vess and Neil team up on this SNOW, GLASS, APPLES masterpiece.

Now, the piece everyone is asking for, the Randy Bowen DREAM Sculpture. I have requested a few more photos from our busy Trevor, so that we can see the real beauty of this one.

a very low number! this one will heat up the ebay docks, to be certain. We will ship it overseas, for all of you who have been asking, it should run about $20-$25 to ship, but Trevor has the original box and will pack it like the museum piece it is...


ANother extremely rare gem that Trevor has been caretaking over the decades, this set of sequential Magian Line Neil newsletters.


here we have an original comic page of SANDMAN art, from the KINDLY ONES story arc, it is almost impossible to find any of the original art from SANDMAN, and if you do manage to find it, it is priced into the stratosphere. Trevor has three up for auction.


Click Here for one of the Biting Dog Press Woodcuts
look at the beautiful detail here. George Walker, the artist, has generously offered to donate a sketch to the Trevor Chest cause, we will be announcing a contest soon to get votes on what Gaiman character/scene you would like to have George conjure up...Trevor's vote was "Being an Experiment"---wonder what would come of that one??? Stay tuned for more on this, and more on the fabulous Biting Dog Press. Those people are heaven on earth...

thanks everyone. You are giving us all a new hope.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

the Trevor treasure chest...tonight!

Many of you may know Trevor, but I have asked him to write up a little story to introduce himself to the rest of you.

Hey everybody,

My name is Trevor. Some of you might know me from the
forums, the, or even way back in the day from The Well
and other sorts of online things. Some of you might even have met me
in person anywhere from Boskone and ConCat, all the way to World
Fantasy Con, SDCC, Fiddler's Green, or the House on The Rock.
Regardless, I'm kind of a big Neil fan, and I am lucky to count him as
a pretty close friend.

I first met Neil at Comic Con I-don't-remember-how-long-ago...
whenever Rantz Hoseley gave him Tori's demo tape... 93?

Anyways... years pass, and Neil slowly becomes more and more famous.
He has more and more signings here on the West Coast that I go to, and
we get to chatting here and there. One day, we exchange email
addresses, and it grows from there.

I ran one of the "Big Five" Neil Websites back in the day... there was
Puck's "The Dreaming", Dylan's "The Wake"... mine was never on par
with those, but I tried to keep it updated all the time, so I started
posting tour dates, pictures, videos, anything I could to sate the
growing number of clicks and visits. Then one day I got an email, and
this moment forever changed the dynamic between Neil and I.

The email was from a Very Excited Fan in Japan, and went along the lines of:

"Hey! I LIKE your SITE!!! Did you know that NEILGAIMAN.COM is
available!?!1!!eleven!! I want to buy it and create the NEIL GAIMAN
SUPER SITE!!! What do you think? Good idea?"

After clicking through a few hosting websites, confirming that it was
available, and then purchasing the domain myself, my reply was a
cordial "Oh, it looks like someone grabbed it. That was a neat idea.
Thanks for letting me know!"

Immediately, the response was:

"ZOMG! It *IS* gone! OH! But [...insert numerous permutations of
Neil's name and .nets/.orgs/etc here...] is All STILL AVAILABLE!!"

After purchasing the next series of domains, I quickly tossed off an
email to Neil saying something along the lines of:

Very Excited Fan in Japan notified me he was going to buy
I bought that and [insert all others here] to prevent.
Weird. I own your name.
--- Trev

So, a while later (year?) Neil and I were in Hollywood, Florida and
sitting at the hotel bar with Then-Director of the CBLDF Chris Oarr.
Neil, sitting to my right, does this slow... dramatic turn to his left
(swiveling on the swivel barstool) and looks at me from over his
sunglasses and says:

"Trevor. One day, I will come for my website. And you will give it to me."

And then slowly he turned back, to enjoy his tea.

And one day, I did. For no money (rumors abound that I was paid large
amounts of cash), just a simple email address or two... the domain was
transferred to Neil, and the rest is history.

So why the hell am I droning on and on about who I am?

Because I need your help.

I've hit that dreadful spot that comes and goes in people's lives in
which I have to part with some of my stuff in order to survive. By no
means, this isn't a auction in which I'm offloading some extra stuff,
or to buy a new computer, or anything like that. This is survival, and
I wouldn't be asking for Neil and Kitty and your help if it wasn't for

Neil always told me when he was signing something weird/cool for me,
to "...only sell this if you need to pay rent or are in dire

Well, I am. Sparing the details, I have mounting medical bills. My
living situation is in dire need of changing. I need to move closer to
work, closer to the doctor, and closer to sanity.

In order to do that, I have to sell some things.

Please be generous. Some of these items are very rare, and very
collectible. Others are off the wall and random. Some of them are as
unique as Neil himself.

Enjoy them. They brought me years of happiness, and will allow me to
reset my life... but promise me one thing:

Only sell them again if you need to pay rent or are in dire straits.

Thank you, and may you always find a story to tell...

This auction is to primarily reset my life, get healthy, and get my feet back under me... But I'm not selfish.
If the assembled masses are generous enough to the point where this raises more then I realistically need, anything over will be split evenly between the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and The American Cancer Society.

--- TSV

ok, me again.
I have spent the last few days, posting several treasures over on Ebay,
my seller name is: Kitty9thlife
and they are set to go live in the next few hours, some tomorrow and some Thursday.
Get out and bid, and go make some magic for yourself.
You'll be helping Trevor, and helping yourself.

here are a few previews of the items being auctioned
(Trevor is moving house so his photos are not exactly Ansel Adams quality, but like I said in the ebay posts, we can send better shots!):

Sunday, October 2, 2011

#Cabal contest

I got so many good canine quotes, real & imagined, that i'd like to put them to a vote...
you can vote as a comment on here or retweet to @Neverwear with a #Cabal hashtag--
(I will ask @Neilhimself, but i know he prefers to not judge these things--)
here are my favorites:

"A man's soul can be judged by the way he treats his dog." - Charles Doran

"A man may smile and bid you hail Yet wish you to the devil; But when a good dog wags his tail, You know he's on the level" ~Anon

"Dogs love company. They place it first in their short list of needs." ~J.R. Ackerley

Some days, it's just not worth chewing through the leash.

"No matter how little money and how few possesions you own, having a dog makes you rich." - Louis Sabin

@neverwear - "Let me be the person my dog thinks I am."

"all knowledge, the totalty of all questions and all answers is contained in the dog" -- Kafka

"He cannot be a gentleman that loveth not a dog." - Old English Proverb

"channel your inner big dog" – me
(this big dog quote just makes me happy, i love this one and the one below...)

"Fooey, I'ma sleep where I want" -our dog Rue upon jumping on my roommate's bed and ignoring the bed we put on the floor for her.

special mention goes to a lone haiku writer:

Dog barks at something/he imagined, yet which seems/very real to him

Neil wears Cabal tee

will leave the voting up for a day, and tomorrow night, will see who gets a lovely new Cabal tee.