Sunday, February 15, 2015

Neil's text this morning...

Hello all,

happy after-hearts day.

I got a text from Neil this morning, updating me about the Heartbreak Hotel show last night in Tampa. Apparently, they sold OUT of all the signed versions of the show print- which is great news-- He was also happy with the rich, matte stock of the print...*o yay!

You can still get this unsigned P. Craig Russell beauty HERE and in the last blog post, there is a $5 off code to use at check out, so you can save yourself some chocolate moneys.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

HEARTBREAK HOTEL. Neil & Amanda in Tampa today only. (and new print...)

Neil and Amanda are doing a show in Tampa, Florida on Valentine's Day this year. (That is today as I post this...)

They asked me to help them with the show print.

We approached the mighty king of the drawn line, P. Craig Russell, to illustrate these mad modern lovers. It's a beautiful piece of heartache history, only available at the Tampa show and here.

They are sold unsigned at $40. (i did put up a $5 off code over on the Neverwear page-& on the blog-- if you want to save a fiver)

they measure a glorious 10" x 25" and are printed on a luscious recycled matte stock, my photo does it no justice, I actually inhaled when i first saw.

(when I opened the box)

Our version is the stamped-with-the-Neverwear seal, a run of 200. Proceeds will benefit the GAIMAN FOUNDATION.


Here is the image sent to us by Wayne Alan Harold, the ruler in PCR world, of the work in progress:

here is the code to get $5 off if ordering online through the Neverwear site:

CLICK here for a news clip on the event.