Thursday, January 24, 2013

Kitty's cyber-garage sale in progress...

In addition to getting the version three-point-oh of the MAKE GOOD ART hats up on the Neverwear site, I have just spent the last few days photographing and prepping some of my tour memorabilia from over the years--

here's my note to the ebay world: It's been awhile, I used to do so much back & forth on Ebay, but I have been touring so much, out on the road for over a decade, and when i am home I work as the merch queen/assistant to the amazing Mr. Neil Gaiman.

Some of my tours include: TooL, Rob Zombie, Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers, Lady Gaga, Perfect Circle, Tori Amos, The Kills, Motley Crue, Deftones, Godsmack, and more. I have worked SO many local shows here in LA, I can't even go into it.

I have things from all these tours to share with the world. Little artifacts from a simpler time, haha. **ALSO Husband says, they have to go. Too little space here in the treehouse!

Will be rolling them out as time allows, I am touring Australia next month with A Perfect Circle & then I go to Japan with Slipknot. I have so many things to post, feel free to mark my page-- I am going under the assumption that it's ok to sell these old mementos, but if some or another boss comes out in protest, well, I will have to deal with that as the time comes. I had a giant yard sale, and it was funny, the attendees had no idea what I had. This is a cyber yard sale as none of the auctions will start at higher than 99 cents and none of them will have reserves. So! Let the bidding begin. CLICK HERE for KITTY'S CYBER GARAGE-SALE some samples:

I am also cleaning out my bead nation! I have bagged up loads of rare, vintage, gemstone, glass, Japanese hand-rolled, metals precious & not, findings etc, and am selling them in big batches like so:

watch here for updates! email me with questions! CLICK HERE for KITTY'S CYBER GARAGE-SALE ***Tonight, I am off to see Band of Skulls & Muse at Staples Center, then back at it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MakeGoodArt hat version three!

oh, the truth in this three word statement....

"make good art."

this is one of the main messages pulled from Neil's powerful commencement address in May 2012 to the graduating class of the University of the Arts in Pennsylvania... words for the artist in us all.

I wanted to wear this little verse and so i thought, maybe a little black knit hat, with the words embroidered in a ghostly white-silvery thread. We went back and forth on the font, the lettering, how to present it. Neil, in his wisdom, said, put it to a vote. And so we did. The block font prevailed in the tumblr universe, almost two to one. We did a small run of block font and then a small run of cursive font. Those both sold out almost immediately. So I am doing another small run of them, in a Garamond font, on a supertoasty fleece cap like so:


Get yours before they are all gone. And at $18.95, they will go quick....


PLEASE GO HERE TO ORDER HATS. here is Kyle Cassidy's self portrait in a graveyard wearing the CURSIVE version of the same hat, just so you can see it. The hats will be here in 4 days & for anyone that buys one in pre-sale, will get a lucky Neverwear pen f-r-e-e. Blackest of ink, wisest of clicky pens.

photo by Kyle Cassidy

watch Neil's speech here, and be forever moved.

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 from The University of the Arts (Phl) on Vimeo.

PS. I am still photographing and packing up all my ebay tour items, man, i have so much to sell-- stay tuned for this avalanche and also the new Neil mailbox, my goodness, you are loves, so so many Cabal wishes & donations sent to humane societies-- more on this as well...Please know that Neil is very grateful for your kindnesses. He is in Australia right now, but we will be making some beautiful thank-you cards.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

sick day w/ Todd Klein's healing power & CHU!

It has been a busy new year so far-- we had a little sick day at the treehouse, me n' Drew.

Will have the photos of Neil's mail box contents up shortly, the time, it sure do be flying.

The big news? Neil's first new book of 2013 is out! Chu's Day, the story of the little panda with the brilliant sneeze. Look at Adam Rex's drawings, man. so good-- I even love the font they chose.

see more here.

here's Boss in the promo video.

The post dropped off this, my order from the illustrious & talented letterer Todd Klein, drawn by Gene Ha- a gorgeous print:

I bought two! (one for my sweet Mother-in-Law, Peggy, who is nicknamed Pegasus--shhhh, don't tell her) this print may have curative power, as I am feeling 75% better, as i type this. GET THEM HERE BEFORE THEY ARE GONE.

I kept busy & awake on our sick day by making more magnets from damaged comics & even had time to post a few more.

glitter love!


I so love the look of these vintage scary-books! VAULT OF HORROR vol. 1 #9, reprinted in October 1994. This is a double panel, but I forgot to put a coin in the photo for reference.


You can see them all HERE in the Kitty's Treasures section.

in other news, all the Neil #MakeGoodArt hats are sold. Goners! I feel bittersweet happy & sad about this. Thinking we may do a reprint, with a different font. The font (ok! i am self-admittedly, font crazy) was a great debate, cursive or block. So stay tuned for that little contest.

if you are a facebooker, i have finally made a Neverwear page. Am having contests to win things every week, so maybe drop us a like. I have my own reservations about FB, but I am giving it a try. All feedback welcome!

click here for the fb link!

oh! go over to @Fablor's blog on the future of one of my favorite cats on the planet, King Lear the GIANT Bengal. She needs your help. Lorraine's blog is here.

happy new year, sugars.