Wednesday, December 11, 2013

thoughts from an airport...

hello from my layover in Atlanta, a city I have always loved.

(Just saw a tweet that Neil has won the Specsavers National Book Award for best audio book-- bravo!)

This will be brief, I have to catch my plane on to Boston, going in to work on the Boss' move to New York.

Am extra happy about going into some winter weather, but very hopeful not to get trapped out east, because I fly directly to SFO for the Mike Dringenberg/SANDMAN event at the Cartoon Art Museum.

Neil visited early this week and had this to say to his almost 2 million Twitter followers:

Just made a flying visit to the San Francisco @cartoonart museum. So much rare & original Sandman art, my jaw dropped & hasn't undropped yet

Cannot wait to see this exhibit, it's up until March 2014.

Meanwhile, I am very grateful, the Neverwear sale was very successful! I have been working overtime on getting all the orders out, have enlisted my handsome husband as the tallest elf of all time. I honestly didn't expect to sell so much of my jewelry, that put me a little bit behind. The "Cats don't need names" shirt designed by the foxy Olga Nunesare being picked up from the printers tomorrow- so all those orders will go out shortly.

I have been working on the new site, and that should be ready for debut before the new year. Dan Guy is going to help make sure there is a smooth transition, he is my modern-day tech witchdoctor. Love the Danth!

Am sending out these great holiday cards: lil' Neil discussing books w/ Cthlulu Claus (art by the talented mind of Sean Von Gorman)

if you need more, just ask, I have loads to share.

Will leave you with this gift that Lee Moyer sent over this week-- I had asked him to do a little sketch of me n' Husband as Vikings...and look:

I literally shrieked in the treehouse when I saw it. Lee is available for commissions and is hugely talented. Get him before none of us can afford his vast talent! Thanks again, Mister Moyer.

Winter is coming....