Sunday, May 22, 2011

you lovely do-gooders!!

FIrst of all, thanks to everyone who bid on the doodles over at the NFS site,
Neil's Sandman doodle is still up for grabs (so far bringing in a thousand clams of goodness)...

this one sold already, see
here as Mister Neil Gaiman doodles:

and Christopher Salmon's PRICE piece brought in $365--yahooooo! man, it was beautiful.

Meanwhile, The Zulli household sends their love to everyone who came out in support of their furry friends
who had to have emergency surgery.
Was able to send them a healthy paypal chunk and I hear many of you sent to their cause as well--
the goodness of your hearts has magic healing powers--
I know I have quoted this before, but it always hits it home for me.
(No matter what crap I get up to in my life, a good deed helps to even the decks...)

"If only people could know that a life of goodness, no matter how modest, will lead to an eternity of unparalleled bliss, they would ask themselves why they did not do more good while they were on Earth. One act of kindness in this world is repaid tenfold in the next..."

taken from The Laws of Eternity by Ryucho Okawa.

I am also very grateful many of you ordered my jewelry, which was a real pleasure to make.

Both cats helped me in this endeavor--

Selina Kyle bossed the operations...

while Batty lazed around...

Since I leave in 2 days on the Zombie tour, I had to end this Vet Bills impromptu fundraiser at 5 pm, west coast time,
so I can pack & finish my immigration paperwork for the crew...

When I am gone, i will be preparing to put out the Kendra Stout ZOMBIEFIED NEIL AND AMANDA illustration on something, a bookbag, tshirt, beachtowel, not sure yet... ***any requests???

by the way,
here are the five runner-up winners:
'Chivalry' is undead.

"It's all right, I suppose. I mean, it's not my writing arm."

He's a little 'armless.

"My leather jacket!"

That's not a Good Omen...
The winner of the quote:
"To have and to hold as long as you both shall unlive"

yes I know, i announced it over on twitter- but i forgot to put it up here--
the five runner ups got their bullet-proof luggage tags:


think about what you how you would want to see this image used--i love the idea of a beach towel, but maybe that's just me..
I will be blogging my European adventures over on the FURRY TIGER BLOG.
thanks again for all the love to Gert & Daisy, the dogs d' Zulli.

Friday, May 20, 2011

a plea for help...

I got a call from @KyleCassidy yesterday,
asking me if I had read Michael Zulli's blog--
i was running out the door and stopped and he caught me up on the ailing health of his dogs, resulting in some sudden and staggering vet bills,
and how he put out a call for commissions so that he could pay for this emergency dog surgery.

Kyle said:Kitty, can't we help him?
and i thought, we sure can try....

This weekend, ANYTHING bought at the Neverwear store will 100% go to Michael's emergency dog fund.
If you have been waiting to buy something there--go now.
i repeat: anything you buy this weekend will go directly to Michael's aid.

Look at beautiful Gert, after her last surgery.

Here is how Michael described the photo:

This is a photo of Gert after her last operation last November. This latest operation will have been her third in two years. She's an Aussie blue healer. Right now she has four stints draining watery blood and dead matter from her belly and chest.

*me again, those words chill me to my bone, animals suffering is much too hard to take.

Also, if you prefer, you can commission Michael to do a painting for you--
see HERE for details.

and if you just want to give a tenner, use this button, it will go directly into their bank account--
you are a star, reaching out to help someone is the best thing you can do in these times.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


There were so many good captions for the
lil undead Neil and Amanda.
I need another night to decide.
Any opinions?
you can vote in the comments box or on twitter--
i am @neverwear and remember to put:
#zombie contest...

"Neil, you're so sweet. You made me lunch!"

@Aarons_Skin And there you have it. Our 'Zombie Coat of Arm'.

Classic Love Story: American girl goes looking for brains. Finds love in the hands of an Englishman.

"To have an to hold as long as you both shall unlive"

'Chivalry' is undead.

"It's all right, I suppose. I mean, it's not my writing arm."

"Marriage takes alot out of you."

"Honey, i love you, but let's never try to do 8in8 again..."

He's a little 'armless.

"To have, to hold, to devour"

"My leather jacket!"

That's not a Good Omen...

'til death do we... oh, nevermind.

I gotta hand it to you ... Now give it back!

"Why not take all of me?"

Til death do us fall apart.

"When my wife says she wants a hand, I make sure she gets a hand.

"Pull yourself together, man!"

Hapless Neil learned that Amanda's beauty was literally disarming.

They stole each others' hearts long before she took his hand.

AristotelianMDO Mark David Outhwaite
"Love...Love will tear us apart .."

"to naw and to maim, from this day forward.."

‪Harley Ferris said...
"Matt Dean thinks he can get $33,600 for this on eBay."

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Attention---Zombie lovers--
come up with a caption for this clever little portrait of the undead husband & wife!

Miss Kendra Stout is at it again.
Kendra is the artist behind the ever-popular Lil' Scary Trousers Neil...
as seen here on miss Daisy:

If your caption is chosen, you will win a signed-by-Neil 100 WORDS print from Neverwear.

way to enter?

send it to me @Neverwearon

**(a very brief aside from judge batgirl: *please think twice and be very very clever, if you feel need to include any variation of pencils and/or necks in your caption-)

also The HOW TO TALK TO GIRLS AT PARTIES prints are about to be pulled.
Several of them went off to raise good money for RAINN.

They are staying at $30.00 (unsigned) available HERE until May 15th
and then *poof* they will be gone...
only to be available in their capes-&-tights role as charity do-gooders.
I will leave the ones that Neil signed up until they are gone--as there aren't that many of them.