Sunday, September 15, 2013

even more wonderful things people have mailboxed to Neil Gaiman...

It's been a bonkers September, but now is the time to do a little mailbox round-up. Always a joy to see what people send through the postal services of the world.

When Neil lost his Tardis pin, he was a very sad best-selling author. Lucky for him, his pin came from the aptly-named Two wacky pin guys! They sent him a replacement Tardis pin, along with some other goodies, and issued this caveat: 3's the limit! (which i found hilarious, but it's easy to amuse me)

They included a photo taken on the Canadian leg of Neil's book tour, when Neil realizes who is standing in front of him...

 photo tardisPin_zpsa12373f5.jpg

here is a great envelope housing a letter from Germany..."no favors.."

 photo Bfanletter_zps4619edb7.jpg

some great books came in:

 photo Bbook1_zpsec3b900e.jpg

 photo Bbook2_zpsaba6f102.jpg

 photo BmyGift_zpsd4220db2.jpg

this ghostly one was actually a gift to me...thanks, Emily!

and a play.

 photo Bdakota_zps29ae8169.jpg

the inscription was so great, I had to photograph it. As for SANDMAN being a play for the stage, talk to DC!

 photo Bdakota2_zpsdb8ce229.jpg

some of the beautiful art from Bethany's Song by Donald Juengling, the lettering is delicious. (i'm really picky about lettering, can stop me from reading a comic, sad but true)

 photo Bbethany2_zps8d8032dc.jpg

Boss, you will want to read the letter that came with this card...

 photo Bportsmouth_zps8d520116.jpg

the new Hera! thank you, you Icelandic beauty.

 photo Bhera_zps7aa04c7f.jpg

A young American named Tyler stationed in Afghanistan sends this touching gift to Neil and Amanda from the Afghan bazaar, I sat there on the floor after I opened the very battered smashed-up box and almost cried. The heart opens in face of such kindnesses.

 photo Bgrapes_zps06607bf6.jpg

this little movie, Mouse and Grudge, I will watch tonight before sending on to NG, stop-motion by Reita Piecuch!!

 photo Bfilm_zpsbbdf32ba.jpg

this next one I believe I am going to submit as a selection for Neil's All Hallow's Read H'ween book giveaway. William Rosencrans brings back to life, the works of V.V. Swigferd Gloume.

 photo Bbook3_zpsa7566bde.jpg

I think it's a tie between Steve N. King & Clarve Biker for my favorite blurb!

 photo Bbook3a_zps059c456d.jpg

Speaking of All Hallow's Read, I will announce a Neverwear contest for some spooky art, with some mighty yummy hard-to-find prizes.

stay tuned, as I tinker a bit on that end with the help of our beloved WebGoblin. Special thanks to Mr. Christopher Salmon of Silverfish Productions for haunting up the Neverwear blog, we will get a better look at that gravestone shortly...