Saturday, December 12, 2015

updates on the Neil Gaiman/David Mack prints!

Hello all, a little update on the new DAVID MACK/NEIL GAIMAN print shipments.

We had pre-postaged/packed many of the tubes and now we are putting the prints in the tubes.

We had to hand-number, hand-stamp 4000 pieces-- they should all be at the post office by Monday morning Dec 14th. For orders made after the 15th Dec, we can't be sure that packages will arrive by Christmas, we shall try, but can't guarantee.

If you have been following our Facebook page, or our twitter page you have seen many of the photos from Neil's visit here in LA.

*whew-- a whirlwind! I even got him in front of the Breaking Bad RV which is parked on the Sony lot...

You will also have seen that I asked Neil to sneak sign a small amount of the DREAM prints and have slid them into the pile. You may just get one in your order.

The print bundles will separate on Monday at midnight PST, meaning no longer will you be able to buy one at 28$ and get the second for only $10 more dollars-

the Dream will become $28 and the Wish will become $38, so that's a nice savings if you want both... click on this to get to the WISH/DREAM prints!

thanks so much for your support- your moneys have gone on to fund protecting the lions and tigers of our planet via BLACKJAGUARWHITETIGERand freedom of speech via Comic Book Legal Defense Fund! also furthering the careers of artists via Gaiman Foundation.

we are so grateful for you!


Friday, November 27, 2015

NEW! dreamy David Mack/Neil Gaiman mash-up plus a reprinting of WISH.

This dreamy watercolor by David Mack perfectly illustrates Neil's words "A book is a dream that you hold in your hands."

We are offering this limited edition full color print in an easily framable size of 8.5" x 11".

Printed right here in Hollywood, California.

Get it on the presale price of $25 or buy it with the second edition WISH print for only $35. This sale will be up for the next four days until Dec 1, 2015. Also I posted a 10% code on the blog/twitter/instagram. follow me for these little money-love-bombs. (@neverwear on twitter etc) (easy access for code, which you enter at checkout: Readerlove10)

(NOTE TO ADD: PRESALE PRICE IS OVER, but still offering both prints for a deal at $40)

I love that she is floating with cats while reading.

also here is the second run version of Neil's New Year's Wish print also done by David. We did sell out the entire run last year....this print will have a run of 1000 at a size of 11" x 17".

all sold unsigned with the Neverwear stamp embossed.


so grateful for these two visionaries.

a portion of the money collected will go to THE GAIMAN FOUNDATION, Neil's support of the art community, they do a great funding of the CBLDF as well-- and another portion will go to BLACKJAGUARWHITETIGER, a big cat reserve in Mexico.

We will be ahead of the game this year as I am NOT ON TOUR! We expect to get the prints in about ten business days, and will have the labels and tubes all prepped beforehand.

feel free to ask any questions:

Friday, November 20, 2015

BRAND NEW! Writer's Travel pack #2 (plus a good chance to win a signed-by-Neil bag)

We had such fun with the first Writer's Travel Pack, which quickly sold out, we designed a new set. We only have 100 of these-- they will go fast.

A lucky clicky pen w/Neil's advice printed in silver, a tote bag, 12 postcards and a luggage tag. All the traveling writer needs to get around.

4 WISH postcards, 4 HOPE postcards and 4 FIRE postcards. (or let me know, i'll make 12 of whatever you prefer) These are the newly reprinted HOPE cards, I went with Chris Riddell's original lighter-in-color version.

**(in other news, I am sending the reprints out to those who ordered, if yours doesn't show up soon, let me know!**

This lovely tote (made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles), will hold what you need to carry with you perfectly. The straps are reinforced, to carry everything from a change of clothes to your bowling ball. Silver ink on black, w/a protection dragon!

(it WILL fit the gorgeous ABSOLUTE SANDMAN #1, but sorry to report, that giant book does not come with the kit)

The luggage tag is metal to withstand all of the rigors of travel. We've had them on our road crew suitcases for three years and they're still hanging on. Dream dangerously, team.

to further sweeten the deal, when I saw Neil at the Long Beach event, I asked him to sign 10 of the hundred bags in silver sharpie and I will send them in random orders. I thought it would be like the Willy Wonky golden ticket, and a nice thank-you to his readers. TO BE CLEAR: they are not all signed, only one in ten have been signed!

this is what the lucky ten look like! There is actually a pretty good chance of getting a signed Neil bag for a steal.

Writers! remember Neil's advice on writing, "finish things"- CLICK HERE TO ORDER. enjoy.

Monday, October 12, 2015

mistakes were All Hallow's Read.

Hi lovely readers~

it has been brought to my attention, there is a mistake on the HOPE cards.

Am having them reprinted now.

It was so tiny, I honestly did not see it when I approved the proof.

However, I can send out the “collector’s items” for you in the meantime if you order in the next two weeks while we wait for the reprinted version.

to order the postcard set, click here. click here)

**Watch your mailbox if you have already ordered them!

Still free shipping! (even though we're taking a hit on the international orders... )

My apologies to the talented Chris Riddell & to you.

Also, as Halloween approaches...

the give-a-scary-book tradition continues..

a little trick-or-treat 4-pack in honor of the upcoming All Hallow's Read.

We held a contest a few years back to see what you talented geniuses would come up with-

Sean Von Gorman, creater of Houdini, Pawn Shop & Toe Tag Riot "arted-up" an adorable 8" x 10" one sheet of a lil' Neil out trick-or-treating for books & candy with a ghostly buddy.

Sean also illustrated a bookmark.

In addition, you will get these full-color super-cute stickers:

littlest witch art by Kate Laird & sweet-scary skeleton art by Ayeshia L. Rubio.

they come in a sturdy kraft protect-o package.

you can get your All Hallow's Read set for $12.95 and I will throw in one of each of the new postcards...mistake and all!


Thanks, friends. It's always an adventure over here at the Neverwear Treehouse!

Saturday, July 11, 2015

catching up, back from SDCC.

Hello beauties.

Am just back from ComicCon, where I was working to benefit Neil's Gaiman Foundation and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I cut my weekend there short to get back to this--even missed the Game of Thrones panel (with a saved seat in Hall H)--:(

What a great visit it was, though, saw so many people and found a few amazing new artists to work with in Artist Alley-- stay tuned for these updates when I am finished with ship job, I'll do a photo post.

People are starting to post that their Hope prints are arriving, hurray! However, I am about 3/4 the way through and there are still unshipped orders...

When I posted the print, I tried to be very clear about the fact that it wasn't going to be on my doorstep until at least ten days after announcement, maybe more depending on holiday.

They arrived 3-4 days ago to me. I had to number and stamp them all by hand, which takes a little chunk of time.

That's why we give the 30% pre-sale price, we are bargaining for your patience.

We have been shipping them as fast as possible with 3 full time employees. Even so, we are definitely not Amazon. (how DO they do it?)

Please know we are very grateful to you- suffering a little Irish guilt over here.

Ok! back to the diamond mines. I'll leave you with a faux Thor that I followed until he smiled at me...

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

busy in the Treehouse!

Thank you all for your support in this beautiful new Chris Riddell print.

I have orders in from all around the world, (Italy! Ireland! India! Iceland!) the pre-sale went very well.

Am sitting surrounded by tubes and printing out labels from morning to night, my usual elves are out on tour and i will get some help in once the prints arrive, they are being born this week in Hollywood. The 4th of July holiday is going to add a little sparkling firecracker delay, but I'll be ready to ship upon arrival.

I am very hopeful the prints will be here in time to take with to ComicCon where I will be selling other Neverwear items at the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund party-- including my comic book magnets!

Come and see me and those lovely people of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab-- I will have lots of Neil-based giveaways as well. (a new line of postcards, you say?)

The CBLDF Welcome Party is the night of July 9th (next Thursday) 8 pm here: The Westgate Hotel 1055 Second Ave, San Diego, California 92101

come by, renew your CBLDF membership, say hi & have a little bite/drink with us.

for more info, look here.

At any rate, I just wanted to put this post up, so I can attempt to not fry out from shipping stress-

Please be aware that Neverwear is not Amazon and I am working around the clock to prep the tubes for shipping, putting love into each and every order with the help of the space battle cats and miss Mittens Selina Kyle- thank you for your kind patience and support.

@CBLDF and The Gaiman Foundation also very grateful for the wild response!

any questions, fire at will: gratefully yours, Kitty (@neverwear on twitter)

Friday, June 26, 2015

in the name of HOPE...

I almost forgot how to blog...been out on the road too long.

Today is a glorious day in the name of hope and love, #SCOTUS did a good good thing. Amazing, really. I am such a huge rambling fan of love in all its forms, I can't imagine being denied the luxury of shouting it to the world.

Plus it is miss Holly Gaiman's birthday and my own sweet Husband's as well!

A few weeks back, while I was in Europe on tour with the Black Keys, Neilhimself sent me a drawing that that clever linesman Chris Riddell came up with. I sat down to take it in fully and felt a little diamond tear form.

"A world in which there are monsters, and ghosts, and things that want to steal your heart is a world in which there are angels, and dreams, and a world in which there is hope." -Neil Gaiman

Chris generously agreed to come up with a version painted in jewel tones, finishing the hope in pure gold. I couldn't be happier with the finished product.

Have you seen his work on the UK versions of Neil's GRAVEYARD BOOK & FORTUNATELY, THE MILK? He's a magician with a keen eye for the curvy humor of life. Plus he was just this June appointed the UK Children's Laureate..!

We are so honored, grateful and lucky to be collaborating with Chris.

I have sent the files to my printer here in Hollywood, who promises to do a brilliant job.

The prints will be 11" x 17" on a buttery creamy velvet stock and I am offering it at $25 for this June weekend. My printer says we should have them in about 8-10 business days, so please be aware this is a pre-sale. I will get them out as quickly as possible.

These prints will be sold unsigned. A limited edition run of 1500.

you can order it by CLICKING HERE.

I will put the price up to $38.00 on Monday morning.

They will come to you in a super-sturdy tube made of recycled cardboard, which you can spray-paint silver and use as a robot arm.

for more magic from Mr. Riddell, please visit: or click HERE.

A portion of the proceeds will benefit The Gaiman Foundation and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Thank you for your support, loves, as always.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

RIP Sir Terry, you smart/tart sweetheart....

I was traveling in Florida doing research for an alligator script, when I saw the news that Mr. Prachett had passed on.

My first thoughts were for my boss, Neil- I knew he would have his spirit punctured by this.

My inbox filled instantly with requests from world wide news agents, to get Neil on this or that program, and we politely declined them all. He was not in any way ready to go public with his sorrow.

I send love and support to the family of this amazing man who was inspired so by THE WIND IN THE WILLOWS, a personal favorite of mine as well.

My plan is to go back and re-read GOOD OMENS in celebration of his life.

illustration by John Cuneo.

St. Patrick was a fine soul...a non-typical PRINT SALE.

In honor of my Irish forebears, and the wearin' o' the green, we bring you a little sale. (St. Patrick heard voices in his head, as we all do from time to time) 

for the next three days (until Wed 12:00 noon PST) two of our prints will be on a deep discount. Both will benefit Neil's GAIMAN FOUNDATION which deeply supports the artistic community, as well as helps preserve freedom of speech with organizations such as the mighty @CBLDF. 

one: the P. Craig Russell magic of HEARTBREAK HOTEL, a beauty. 

Neil and Amanda held a show in Tampa, Florida on Valentine's Day this year, 2015.

They asked me to help them with the show print.

We approached the mighty king of the drawn line, P. Craig Russell, to illustrate these mad modern lovers. It's a beautiful piece of heartache history, only available at the Tampa show and here.

They are sold unsigned at $40... for the next few days they will be $20 each.

(i did put up a $5 off code over on the Neverwear page-& on the blog-- do a little digging, if you want to save another fiver)

they measure a glorious 10" x 25" and are printed on a luscious recycled matte stock, my photo does it no justice, I actually inhaled when i first saw.

Our version is the stamped-with-the-Neverwear seal, a run of 200.


order them HERE.

also the beautiful IN RELIG ORAN print will be reduced for the next few days, the unsigned version will be $15.00

From the brilliant imagination of Michael Zulli, a full-color rendering of Neil's poem IN RELIG ORAN.

Mr. Zulli is the remarkable artist behind The Wake, Sandman's final chapter.

 This is a hand-numbered limited edition run of 750 prints. Print size 11" x 17". will have the official Neil Gaiman embossed stamp on the lower lefthand side.

Before he read the at-the-time unpublished poem in Chicago at C2E2, Neil told us a little story.

Inspired by a book of myths and legends of Scotland by Otta F. Swire, Neil wrote the poem about a doomed saint, IN RELIG ORAN.

After reading some of the stories in the Swire book, he took his dog, Cabal for a walk. 

"Sometimes, when you walk, " he said, "your mind goes into rhythms.....I found myself walking to along to the beat of the line: When St. Columba landed at the island of Iona..." 

 It is a thought-provoking piece and one of Neil's most beautiful word paintings.

order them HERE.

as always thank you for your support.

Am here for any questions:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Neil's text this morning...

Hello all,

happy after-hearts day.

I got a text from Neil this morning, updating me about the Heartbreak Hotel show last night in Tampa. Apparently, they sold OUT of all the signed versions of the show print- which is great news-- He was also happy with the rich, matte stock of the print...*o yay!

You can still get this unsigned P. Craig Russell beauty HERE and in the last blog post, there is a $5 off code to use at check out, so you can save yourself some chocolate moneys.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

HEARTBREAK HOTEL. Neil & Amanda in Tampa today only. (and new print...)

Neil and Amanda are doing a show in Tampa, Florida on Valentine's Day this year. (That is today as I post this...)

They asked me to help them with the show print.

We approached the mighty king of the drawn line, P. Craig Russell, to illustrate these mad modern lovers. It's a beautiful piece of heartache history, only available at the Tampa show and here.

They are sold unsigned at $40. (i did put up a $5 off code over on the Neverwear page-& on the blog-- if you want to save a fiver)

they measure a glorious 10" x 25" and are printed on a luscious recycled matte stock, my photo does it no justice, I actually inhaled when i first saw.

(when I opened the box)

Our version is the stamped-with-the-Neverwear seal, a run of 200. Proceeds will benefit the GAIMAN FOUNDATION.


Here is the image sent to us by Wayne Alan Harold, the ruler in PCR world, of the work in progress:

here is the code to get $5 off if ordering online through the Neverwear site:

CLICK here for a news clip on the event.