Thursday, February 14, 2013

because sometimes we space things...

this is a photo of me & Mr. Gaiman with Roman Dirge, creator of LENORE, and Cory & Alex from ShadowMachine, the bad-ass-est animation house that did Robot Chicken etc. They are working on the LENORE film, which i cannot wait to see!

it's to remind me that i forgot(!?) to change the price of the LENORE print where she ends up burying a cartoon Neil. So for the rest of today, I'll leave it priced at $25.00 because we are nice and we love you Valentines. (tonight it really WILL go up to $38.00)

I'm leaving soon to take a batch to Roman for signing....and I am embossing them all with the Neverwear seal.

order it here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snowflakes, postage & Roman signs the prints.

still tying up loose ends on this last journey to meet with Neil. Boston was so pretty.

Minnesota hotel view after the film shoot.

Neil at the "Prince wall"--it's a Minneapolis thing.

Back at his house, we went through loads of his fan mail, some seriously beautiful things arrived for Neil. This came all the way from Iran:

I took Lola for snowy walks in the middle of the night, sometimes I would scare myself. It is so dark and quiet out there, and I have watched too many scary movies. The snow, though, it was so beautiful and NOT how I remembered our snow growing up. Big fat flakes here, you could seem them shining their six points from so far away, looked like the finest glitter.

When I looked at the photos back in the house, maybe I caught a ghost digitally?

look at what I found in his silverware drawer.

I went around the house photographing old comic book magnets that i have sent him over the years, there are some oldies.

this heartbreaker of a portrait flew with me from LA to live at Neil's big Addams Family manse, Cabal and his Neil. gift from artist MC MATZ, we will see more of this image. She was one of the finalists in our long-ago Cabal contest. Neil was touched to his heart by her gift.

I am sending Mlle. Matz his hand-written thank you tonight.

This is from Annie in SF, I want to do a print or SOMETHING of this. We both loved this letter.

Hans the resident Sherpa got started on his new tattoo, i love it so.

here's me trying to take a photo of the 3rd version of the #MakeGoodArt hats...err...

Get the hats here- the last two rounds sold out fast.

tomorrow I am meeting up with Roman Dirge for some nice non-Valentine time, he will sign the first hundred of the LENORE meets NEIL prints. I said this over on twitter, I laugh everytime I see the print. I love the fireflies and the fact that it looks a little like cartoon Neil has fangs. These signed ones will go out to the first hundred peoples-- IF YOU ORDER THEM IN THE NEXT COUPLE HOURS, THEY ARE ONLY 25 MEASY AMERICAN DOLLARS. Tonight at midnight west coast time, they go up to $38.00 so if you want one, it makes sense to dive in.


Monday, February 11, 2013

My trip & a new NEIL GAIMAN meets LENORE print!

On the plane with no wireless so I am tapping out my story and will post when I get back home to LA. Neil put loads of new (new to me) music on my coiny jumpdrive. I am literally bopping in my airplane seat.

It was a magnificent trip to Boston, met up with the Blackberry team, who I became great buddies with. A global pack, Sweden, Australia, Hungary & the good ol’ United Kingdom.. I have an accent addiction. I was indulging my accent-spotting & Neil won a bet with me, now I know the posh Aussie accent, a new one to me, haha. see more about the #KeepMoving project HERE.

After Boston, we hung out all week at Neil's haunted house, it snowed, it was the best. Did a little more filming and then he began to write.

I've read two of the stories and they are truly charming. Stay tuned to the Blackberry Calendar of Tale hub HERE to find out more, the second phase of the project will be all you artistic types, illustrating the stories--cannot wait!

I returned home to find that the new prints have arrived-- From the brilliantly twisted mind of Roman Dirge, creater of LENORE THE CUTE LITTLE DEAD GIRL, comes one possible scenario to illustrate when Lenore first meets Mr. Neil Gaiman... do sparks fly!

this full color limited edition print is up for the first three days at $25.00. They will go up to $38.00 on Wednesday Feb 13th--just in time for Valentine's Day. They are here and ready to ship now!

This run is capped at 750 and they will go quickly.


Measuring 11" x 17" on a semi-matte creamy 50% recycled paper stock, these are offered unsigned.


Roman and Neil are working together on a feature film of LENORE. This may be one possible outcome of the whole shebang...! **buzzzz (ok, not really)


Roman announcing the team-up at Comicon 2012:


a little postscript:

My ebay auctions got completely derailed from the busy week -so sorry all you lovely bidders, Will put some extras in those packages, which will ship out tomorrow.

Leaving for Australia on the 18th, so it will be very busy between now and then, tying up all the loose ends. (I will be in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth—can’t wait to hear the accents in person) Touring with A Perfect Circle this go-round, we are opening for METALLICA.