Monday, October 12, 2015

mistakes were All Hallow's Read.

Hi lovely readers~

it has been brought to my attention, there is a mistake on the HOPE cards.

Am having them reprinted now.

It was so tiny, I honestly did not see it when I approved the proof.

However, I can send out the “collector’s items” for you in the meantime if you order in the next two weeks while we wait for the reprinted version.

to order the postcard set, click here. click here)

**Watch your mailbox if you have already ordered them!

Still free shipping! (even though we're taking a hit on the international orders... )

My apologies to the talented Chris Riddell & to you.

Also, as Halloween approaches...

the give-a-scary-book tradition continues..

a little trick-or-treat 4-pack in honor of the upcoming All Hallow's Read.

We held a contest a few years back to see what you talented geniuses would come up with-

Sean Von Gorman, creater of Houdini, Pawn Shop & Toe Tag Riot "arted-up" an adorable 8" x 10" one sheet of a lil' Neil out trick-or-treating for books & candy with a ghostly buddy.

Sean also illustrated a bookmark.

In addition, you will get these full-color super-cute stickers:

littlest witch art by Kate Laird & sweet-scary skeleton art by Ayeshia L. Rubio.

they come in a sturdy kraft protect-o package.

you can get your All Hallow's Read set for $12.95 and I will throw in one of each of the new postcards...mistake and all!


Thanks, friends. It's always an adventure over here at the Neverwear Treehouse!