Thursday, June 23, 2016

NEW! Writer's Kit #4 (plus another chance to win a signed-by-Neil bag & screening tickets)

We had such fun with the first three Writer's Travel Kit, which quickly sold out, we designed a fourth set. We only have 200 of these-- they will go fast.

A lucky clicky pen w/Neil's writing advice printed in silver, a tote bag, 12 postcards and a new luggage tag. All the traveling writer needs to get around.

The new luggage tag is hard recycled plastic to withstand all of the rigors of travel.

The tag features a quote from Neil:

"The world always seems brighter when you've just made something that wasn't there before..."

4 DREAM postcards, 4 WISH postcards, 4 HOPE postcards and 4 FIRE postcards. (or let me know in the memo, i'll make 16 of whatever you prefer)

This lovely tote (made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles), will hold what you need to carry with you perfectly. The straps are reinforced, to carry everything from a change of clothes to your bowling ball. Silver ink on black, w/a protection dragon!

(it WILL fit the gorgeous ANNOTATED SANDMAN #4, but sorry to report, that giant book does not come with the kit)


to further sweeten the deal, when I see Neil in NYC this week for the Seth Meyers show (Watch on NBC Thursday night!) I asked him to sign 15 of the hundred bags in silver sharpie and I will send them in random orders. I thought it would be like the Willy Wonky golden ticket, and a nice thank-you to his readers.

TO BE CLEAR: they are not all signed, only one in fifteen have been signed!

this is what the lucky fifteen look like! There is actually a pretty good chance of getting a signed Neil bag for a steal.

** note: this photo is showing the old bag, the new one has the dragon, but says "Dream Dangerously"-

We are packing ALL the kits up and throwing them in a big bin, so we will not know who gets the signed versions. Hope you will post your prizes on the Neverwear Facebook page:

(i also post discount codes over on that page- worth a visit)

which brings us to, there will be a lottery for winning tickets to the first screening of the documentary "Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously" in NYC this coming Friday. There will be more screenings around the country (around the world, actually!) so watch this space or follow me on Twitter (@neverwear)

Writers! remember Neil's brilliant advice on writing: "finish things"- so I shall do just that with this post.

thank you and enjoy - Cat