Monday, May 21, 2012

SO… The long wait for the David Mack/Neil Gaiman prints has come to an end. They are shipping now!
For your kind patience, not only did we make up full color stickers to show how Burton’s tattoo was originally drawn, and a Neil five dollar bill, but David-ever-lovin-Mack signed ALL OF THEM for you! The blues, he signed in silver, the greys in a black ink with a brush. He’s so good…

Click here to see Burton's backpiece.

and if you want to buy one of the David Mack-Neil Gaiman prints, I have some left. I won't raise the price until we get a little lower in stock, but they are ALL signed by David now. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

Being out on the Zombie/Megadeth tour is a bit like being underwater at all times without gills—& we run to stand still out here. I am problem-solving and throwing fire from my fingertips. We just did a huge show, with Mastadon and Marilyn Manson sharing our stage---so I have been submerged. I’d like to do a shout-out to my handsome husband for going the distance and getting all the prints signed by David. Thanks baby!

Monday, May 7, 2012

apparently i can't control the universe...

I am knee-deep in Zombie tour prep but i have gotten all the packages ready for sending out the beautifully silk-screened David Mack prints. I received the blue variant version, which I have sent on to Neil and David and Burton and the @CBLDF where they will be used to raise more freedom of speech defense funds. The print took off at the pre-sale $25.00 price and for this, we (& the CBLDF) thank you VERY much. I have already sent the check off to Charles.

sounds like there is a "however" coming...

I was in the bathtub, unfurling my mermail tail just like Darryl Hannah does in "Splash", much after midnight and I got that terrible email all people do not like to read or write, the "i'm going to miss your deadline" email from my wonderful printer Brian Rise in Austin, Texas:

Sorry to bear bad tidings but this almost got by me as I started the run. Luckily I caught it in time before ruining any of the prints. Somehow this mark opened up on the screen and I'm not quite sure how- it could be any one of a number of things and all are unpredictable parts of the process. As you can see, a very small blotch opened up right on the end of David's first name and try as I may, I was not able to correct the error. I was forced to call an end to the run temporarily. It is very frustrating to be foiled by something so tiny, especially when the everything else is so slammin'! I just about screamed- in fact, I did- quite a few times...

when i saw the photos he attached, it's clear what he is referring to, and out of respect to our David Mack who deserves an unsullied name print, Brian is re-doing them presently. We are hopeful to see them NEXT week. it's a VERY tiny detail, but I appreciate Brian's wish to have them pristine.


the printing is very exact and labor-intensive. Thank you for sending these photos, Brian.





I thank you all for your kind patience and they will be out as soon as humanly possible. ok as soon as super-humanly possible. They will all have the original artwork color sticker and a five-dollar Neil bill.


any questions, please email me: My better half will be shipping them out to you, as I have to go out on tour. I will post photos from the tour, over on my furrytiger road blog. We are sharing stages with Megadeth, while i can't get behind some of Mr. Mustaine's political beliefs, I am on fire about the music. A tout le monde!!!


Friday, May 4, 2012

FIRE print update &...RIP MCA, you bright diamond

as I was typing this Neverwear update, the news broke about Adam Yauch, aka MCA's passing. I knew he was battling cancer, but I honestly believed he had beaten it, whatever that really means. I just couldn't imagine this wonderful being hosting an invader that wouldn't love and try to help him, rather than eat away at him. Adam, a founding member of the Beastie Boys was truly one of the kindest people I have ever met. People say things like that all the time about other people, but he walked the walk of truth. His crusades for animal rights & human rights in Tibet were front page, and he was equally passionate about his love for the Bad Brains. Adam, you true lion, you live on in my heart.

Adam Yauch, MCA

I shot this in...2004, i think. In Adam's honor, I will donate a portion of proceeds from any NEVERWEAR PRINT to the Dalai Lama's organization to work towards protecting human rights for all. Also watching for what the family announces as their preferred organization. stay tuned.

Not so easy to segue into current events, but I know life is a cycle, death is the other revolution of that cycle.

News of the David Mack prints? They should arrive here on Monday. They took a little longer than we hoped, but man, look at these blue variants. They arrived this week, they will not be for sale here, but they will be at CBLDF as soon as I get them there. Last week I happily sent a nice big donation to those fighters of free speech. Only 100 of these blue alternate prints were made and they are hauntingly beautiful. They will go out to Neil, to David, to Burton, to CBLDF. #special!


I want to thank my dynamite silkscreener, Mr. Brian Rise, who is working on his new website for Rise Ink (as am i, garrrh, it takes sooo long). If you have a print job for him, contact me, and I will give you his info.

Here is my living room floor, I am prepping each order, so that as SOON as the prints arrive from Austin, I can just place them lovingly into their very-sturdy beds. I chose the recycled material envelopes which will sandwich a piece of thick cardboard and a plasticine cover for these truly gorgeous silkscreens. They are each hand-numbered and people were assigned their print number in order of arrival. You know I love a system.


Before Husband left on his tour to South America (with Noel Gallagher of Oasis--meow!) he helped to prep a batch of these. How I wish he were home to do the other half...:(


as an extra thank-you for everyone's patience, I had stickers printed up with the original artwork for Burton's tattoo from David, the colors that Mr. Mack first laid down. I loved the original, but in the case of hand-done silkscreen, I wanted to keep the print affordable, so I simplified the color scheme with Brian (& David's blessing) in order to have it stay within reach of most budgets. Every package will go out with this sticker (& a Neil bill which is also a sticker w/a discount code on the back!)


now, a brief aside on costs: Sometimes people do complain about the cost of shipping. I will say, I often do not break even with the lengths I go to for good packaging. I haven't raised my flate rate ship price for four years, while the post office has had 4 maybe, 5 rate hikes.. Flat rate means, if you order 20 things, it is still one price. Last week I sent a package to Germany which cost me $50.oo over my ship charge to send. That's okay! This guy pooled his order with friends. Socialist shipping! I love it.

To run a business costs much more than at first glance. Storage for the merchandise, the tubes, envelopes, bags, labels, ink costs, gas for the shipping trips, the postage itself, the taxes, the mistakes (haha, yes i have had many!), and I don't have any employees, so it's all me. (My time? you KNOW it's priceless) I try to appease and explain this to the people upset that things cost too much. I am watching with fascination the Amanda Kickstarter explosion and I know that even with her offering for ONE DOLLAR great reward, people have found things to disparage. Kyle Cassidy put up a kick ass blog last night, if you haven't see, click HERE. (and Amanda's amazing run at the record industry standard is: HERE. please, go & back she-who-roars.

now a few links that i wanted to throw out there before I forget. Neil reads the tattoo poem.(gods, he's good)


I will put up more photos when Brian sends them, and you should all (ok, almost all) have your tracking confirmations, don't be puzzled if there is no record yet at the post office. There will be! It's all a system. Pepper out!