Wednesday, October 22, 2008

we all SCREAM....

it is my birthday week.
I spent my technical real day of birth working the Tina Turner show @ Staples Center, she was simply amazing.
Drew is on the tour and he is running hard on this one.
Look at this production, she is over the crowd in a Mick-Jaggeresque cherry picker.
Tina really seemed to be in awe of her back-up dancers, each of them a genetic miracle. I didn't get a photo of the gigantic lights that spelled out T I N A, but trust me, a show not to miss. She says it is her last world tour...


Drew had a day off and he took me to the Arclight, where we saw Rockn'Rolla, i jumped and cheered in my seat. The soundtrack was perfection. Looks like Guy Ritchie is back to himself.

That night we met a bunch of friends at the Good Luck bar on Hollywood, even though I was still fighting off the dread sick.


i took this with my birthday present, the new iPhone. thank you honey. I named phone-y "One-Two" after the character in the film.


Last year @ Comicon, Neil was told that he was going to be presented with the Scream/Spike TV ICon Award (& deservedly so, says me.)
This year, they invited him again, only George Lucas was being honored as the Icon.
He was unable to attend and, very sweetly, gave his tickets to Red & Malena. (I had been invited by HRH Michael Levitt, thank you buddy)

we girls all gathered at the treehouse. Christy was in town on a break from Maroon 5 tour, and she got a kick out of Red & Malena flinging around the latex and false eyelashes. Red & I met Christy on the Rob Zombie tour, she is our roadie sister.


we went in through the security gates and Malena got stopped with her camera. For some reason, the guy looked directly at mine and waved me through. My mind meld ability? perhaps. ANyway, the first person I saw going in the gates was the tour manager for Smashing Pumpkins...Doug went and rescued Malunka n' her camera. The Pumpkins played the show as did this little lady:


Brandy, my aerialist buddy from the Motley Crue tour, opened the show by dangling high above the stage. My photos of her didn't quite cut it, sorry Brando. Here we are at my birthday party the night before, I hadn't seen her since the Tool show last year.

the stage was a huge chrome and neon dragon, and the Scream sword logo spit pyro fire from the top.
here is Mr. Manson:


Batman took many of the honors, and Gary "Drexel" Oldman was his charmingness as he accepted his crowd-favorite award.

more fire....


this photo I pulled from the LA Times site:


is confetti littering?


they brought Tim Burton down in a balloon basket and he seemed a little green around the gills as he disembarked...


there were Watchmen previews-- (all of which I had seen, but never the less---stoking the anticipatory fires..)

the show closed with a four star tribute to George Lucas, complete with a great number of Stormtroopers.
In his speech, Lucas did something that was very touching, almost brought a tear to my glass eye, he wished us all bright futures. LIke Bill Murray said in Caddyshack, at least I got that going for me.



Afterward we piled over to the Roosevelt Hotel for the afterparty, a real fairyland.
There was an absinthe bar, and I tried a little glass. Yes, I saw fairies...but not from the drink.


here is our Red in front of one of the many mostly-naked-sprites...


but the highlight of my evening, i turned around right into Kyle Gass, Jack Black's partner in Tenacious D. I really was a goofy fan girl, shouting "KYLE!" he was a sweetheart and we talked for awhile, he says they are doing some shows in November. I told him I wanted ON that tour...but I didn't make him take a photo with me.....shoulda.....

it was another smashing event and I really thought they would have scaled back in light of the financial world we are now finding ourselves in, but they went man overboard. The show aired last night, but you can catch it in reruns....

now to get rid of my is really hanging on for dear life....


FabulousLorraine said...

Kitty! What great photos! Sounds like you had a mighty fine time. Iwas pretty bummed about missing Tina in Minneapolis, but there you have it.

Drew is such a sweetie! I bet he is runnign on that tour.

And how fun to see so many old friends from so many tours!

Wish I had been there!

pantagruel said...

Sounds like an awesome time, in spite of being sick. Hope you get better soon!

Dan Guy said...

Well all these fabulous adventures you and Malena have are going to make me want to move to L.A. I'll sleep in a tiny house in Malena's fairy garden. Hope the mean neighbor doesn't steal it!

ariandalen said...

What a wonderful birthday! :)

Glad you had a good time, in spite of the ick. Now, get some rest so that you will feel better.